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Erbium Laser On Dark Skin With Hypertrophic Scars?

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Hey guys. I am a black male with a medium (caramel) complexion, and I have old raised acne scars and some discoloration around them. I went to a derm today and he said that an Erbium laser treatment could be done to help the scars as well as the discoloration. He said there is minimal risk of hyperpigmentation, but that I could immediately start on bleaching creams if I noticed any hyperpigmentation.

My question to you guys is...SHOULD I DO THIS? This treatment will cost $788 and I will only have to do it once, but I don't want to blow that much money for something that won't work or will potentially worsen the scars.

Any advice/people with darker skin who are experienced on this?

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I also forgot to mention in my previous post that the derm that is doing this laser treatment supposedly has the most lasers out of any other derm nationwide, and was recommended to me by BOTH of my previous derms that I've seen for this problem.

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not sure why noone posted earlier.

I personally do not know of the procedure or doctor but I guess its up to you, if your docs really reccomend the guy maybe he does something right. Perhaps ask the success rate and stuff.

For me if there was a one time procedure I would do it

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First off, thank you guys for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. My topics have a nasty habit of not getting many (if any) replies on here for some reason. :/

Yeah mebe, this guy has the most lasers of anyone nationwide like I said before (or so they say :P ), and has worked with people of color before and is supposedly really good.

bluemorpho, erbium is an invasive procedure, but it's a lot less invasive than CO2, and the healing process is a lot faster. He showed me a brochure of darker skinned patients that he has used this laser on, and the results were amazing. This one guy who had a darker skin tone than me had a HORRIBLY raised birthmark all over the side of his face, and the laser did wonders for it. Could hardly even tell he had the birthmark there in the first place.

IF these results are indeed legit, then hopefully it should go smoothly.

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