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I use EM in intensive. I use a combination of Fawn and Multi-Task. I use Simple Moisturiser beforehand.

First of all, I can't get the colour right with foundation ever. I have never had one that was my colour. My skin seems really pale in the morning and then really dark at the end of the night. So if I match my skintone in the morning before college, I end up looking ghostly by 5pm. And everything looks so pink on me.

Secondly, my skin is so OILY. My EM literally slides off my face. If I use lots of finishing dust, my foundation cakes and looks awful. I just can't win.

I really have no money to spend on makeup right now and I'm so fed up with it. I want to use colorstay but I haven't found my colour (after buying two different ones) ]:

Any advice would be wonderful.

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okay.... i may be totally off based here, but it sounds like you may not be using adequate moisturizer? i know for me, when my skin is dry with not enough moisturizer, it's always paler than when i apply enough moisturizer to balance my face out. i know you said you have oily skin, and i thought i did too at one time..... only i have dry skin and i was just drying it out so much that it was over producing sebum to make up for it. i dunno in your case though. i have never heard of skin changing color throughout the day, only foundation oxidizing on your skin and turning orange.

as far as the oiliness, em also makes a matte formula for oily skin. maybe that's a better option for you?

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I use tons of moisturiser, I never used to use any. And my Multi Task shade is in Semi-matte.

It's interesting about the dry/oily skin, I do think that I have that. But I moisturise so much..it goes from one extreme to the other (oily to dry)

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hmmmm..... all i can tell you is what i personally experienced. do you like your current moisturizer? maybe it's worthwhile to try another?

a lot of em folks also put on finishing powder before their foundation to keep shine at bay. this might help too, and it wouldn't require any product switching.

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The problem may be the lighting. Do you apply your makeup in natural lighting?

When you match your color, try doing it in morning sunlight, which will give you the most accurate lighting. If you match it in bad lighting, it will become very obvious in other kinds of lighting that the color is wrong. My skin looks much darker in certain lighting because I am olive, so the people at makeup counters always make me too dark, and then outside the color obviously does not match. I have to match makeup in natural lighting for it to look the best.

If you haven't found the right color yet, then that's a huge part of why it seems to change on you. When a color is wrong on me, it only seems to get more wrong as it mixes with my skin's oil. If everything you try is too pink, then maybe you are not seeing your skin tone for what it truly is...throw out any preconceived ideas you have & really look at your coloring. If you have an unusual skin tone, there will be some makeup brands that just will not have the right color.

Have you sent EM your photo & asked for suggestions?

Also don't apply heavy layers of finishing dust. You want to apply light layers and buff them in, building up coverage. Otherwise you will get that cakey look which also tends to slide off the face since it is too thick. How long have you been using mineral makeup? It really just takes some practice.

Your brush should appear to have a light layer of dust on it when you apply your foundation. I dip the brush in, then tap the brush downward on a clean surface to get rid of excess and evenly distribute the powder before I apply it.

I apply a light layer of finishing dust first, 2-3 light layers of foundation, and concealer over spots that need extra coverage. Then I blend slightly with my brush. I have super oily skin & I still blot throughout the day, but it's not nearly as bad.

I too moisturize well to keep my skin from getting dry. My acne topicals dry out my skin otherwise, but then I'll get surface oil and end up oily and flaky. I've accepted I'll always be a bit shiny and that is better than greasy & flaky.

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