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Is it possible that the moisturizer has stopped working?

I've been on the regimen for four weeks and one day now, and I've already cleared up remarkably. Like maybe one pimple every week and a half and never a very big one. However, I never found a moisturizer that didn't make me red. I guess my skin has somewhat adjusted to Dan's moisturizer though, cause it doesn't get quite as red now as it did before.

Anyway, for the past two days or so, it's like the moisturizer just isn't cutting it the way it did. I start flaking again within a couple hours of applying it. It had been working much better until now. Is it the moisturizer's problem or my skin's problem? I don't think I've been doing anything differently.

Also it seems like just recently the moisturizer has started making my face radiate heat when I first put it on, but afterwards it's fine. I don't think it was doing that before either. What has gone wrong here?

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I have the same problem. The problem is your face has prolly slowly been drying out over the past four weeks of using BP. It wasn't noticable becasue you were moisturizing. However, if your face is dry, the moisturizer will sting after you put it on. This is the same case when you put moisturizer on your hands and it burns. This topic has been coming up a lot lately. I'd say its due to the changing weather, its drying out people's skin.

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