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Acupuncture working for me (skin improved 80% in 6 weeks)

I had acupunture done 2 years ago. I tried it because I had terribly bad menstrual cramps and the acupunturist told me that my acne would probably clear as well (although I didnt believe him :P).

Surprisingly, after 3 treatments, my menstrual cramps went away, and have never returned. I also noticed my skin was glowing, even though I had acne. I decided to try a few more treatments and on the 6th appointment, my acne had been reduced by 20%.

It took 13 treatments for my skin to be completely clear. It was not permanent as the acupunturist told me it was, but rather I learned that I had to have one treatment at least every 3 weeks to maintain results. Within 3 days of getting your first acupunture appointment, you will notice that your mood improves by 150% and you remain pretty happy. I've read that acpunture makes our body release endorphins - a "feel good" chemical.

Anyway, i had to stop acupunture because I moved and the price of acupunture here in the US is REALLY expensive.

I ordered some very very thin acupunture needles online (about $3.00) and tried to do it myself at home, except nothing happened.

A year later, I happened to read that the width of the needle is important in acupuncture. I decided to re-order new needles that were thicker. I started 6 weeks ago, and my skin has cleared by almost 50%. Within 3 days of starting it again, I noticed my mood became very positive, upbeat and cheerful.

I use 4 needles: one in each foot and one in each hand. This is done once a week.

Note: Acupunture does not draw blood, nor does it cause pain. The needles are as thin as a human hair and are only inserted 1 mm into the skin.

I am sharing this with those who are looking for a last resort.

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