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Listerine and St. Eves

Just want to ask again. :think: First, is Listerine (yes, the mouthwash) really effective in fighting pimple causing bacteria? I've read from other sites that Listerine helps. What they do is splash it on their face aftger washing. Also, which is better to use as an exfoliant, St Eve's Apricot Scrub or St. Eve's Aprocit Radiance? Thanks!

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There are several reasons why mouthwashes may be effective. Firstly, they tend to be full of alcohol, which is a good antisceptic (much like Tea Tree Oil, for example). Secondly, oral-care formulations have a tendancy to use 'Triclosan' as their bacteria-fighting agent, acting both as a preservative and to fight cavities and gum-disease. This ingredient is why most toothpastes (and therefore, possibly mouthwash) are said to be good for problem spots. Clearasil even has Triclosan on their list of active ingredients, alongside others such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. For these reasons, it is completely probable that mouthwash could benefit one's skin. Nonetheless, the colour, flavour and other ingredients in mouthwashes could also pose a potential problem for acne-prone skin. My advice would be to read the label, and if the ingredients seem harmless enough, do a patch-test. Use the mouthwash on one area of your face for several days, and if you see either no adverse effects or (hopefully) an improvement, consider using it all over your face. Good luck, and tell us how that turns out!

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I'd be a little cautious, Fluoride has been known to cause some acne (i.e., some toothpaste can cause breakouts around the mouth area), but hey if it works, then it works, I've never heard that before.

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