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Im so frustrated, i used to have perfect skin...

Im really really frustrated cause my skin never use to scar before until i developed cystic acne( from using a cleanser that irritates my skin...If only i knew that the cleanser was doing all the irritation i wouldnt have an infection and cause all my scars now, thinking back it pisses me off that i could have perfect skin now...anyone has such an experience?

also, when i developed cystic acne i gradually become further apart with my girlfriend and eventually break-off...i used to have such a positive outlook in life and now i feel like sh*t most of the time...

WHy must there be such thing as ACNE AND ACNE SCARRING!!!!!!! I really opened my eyes after this( try this when you go out ), look around you, every few seconds i bet you will see some people with some form of acne....every few minutes, you will see some person with some form of acne scarring...WHy is it so commonplace? Its the worst disease out there...its just so depressing, ive been expelled from school, got my leg ligament torn apart( im a basketball player ) and i still managed to fought back...I have many scars on my body( but i dont give a damn ), i wished i could trade them for the ones on my face...

now i just want to reduce them to the point that they are barely noticeable( is this possible?) im just thinking of dry tattooing it every month to the point where as much collagen as possible is produced to smooth the scar...anyone with sucessfull results from continous needling?

Also, the root of why acne scarring is so depressing( from my opinion )

1) its most likely permanent

2) it effects self-esteem( even in confident people like me )


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yes. im not sure if its the root of depression but it does have a chain effect leading there. also procedures can help acne scars. my mom says my skin will take care of the scars but if not I will try to get something done

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in a way yes i do agree with you, but there a lot of women out there who finds scars incredibly sexy (don't ask me why) and there are numerous affordable practices and treatments out there that can lessen. and elimate the effects of scarring. I'm sorry to hear you're having a shit time at the minute, i've never tried needling, but i have heard from a lot of members that is an effective form of treatment against certain scar types. I've personally never bothered to reseasch scar treatment and i, in a way, kinda like mine, if someone will look past my unconventional appearance, only to judge me because i have scars from a condition i had no control over, then they can fuck off basically.

I hope you find something that helps you soon mate.

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