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IB after 4 days?!?!?

I just took my 5th pill this morning. Im on 40mg a day. My face has gotten so much worse. Is it possible to have an IB after 4 days?

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It most certainly is. Mine started after the first day. I broke out for 2 1/2 weeks then i was almost completely clear by the end of the month. Im now breaking out again because my dosage got upped to 40mg :(

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Yes. Accutane starts pretty quickly, and any active/healing acne you have when you start will generally flare back up a bit (whiteheads). Also, depending on the severity of your acne (mild/moderate/severe) you can expect acne under your skin that was gonna eventually come out later, will be pushed up quicker with Accutane. Accutane pushes out all that sebum and acne "brewing" under your skin. So be patient, don't pick, and if you want to ask your Derm. about a mild topical (mine said salicylic acid gel - mild form) is okay on the tips of whiteheads. No Retin A, vitamin A, BP, or stuff like that - too harsh.

Good luck and you WILL have clear skin.

Tane user 7 months (nearing the end - yippee)


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