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Seboherric Dermatitis - or SD - help help help...

I need to start a new thread to see if anyone out there has conquered seboherric dermatitis. I have it around my nose (badly) all over my chin & now on both eyelids & under my eyes!!! Being female, makeup should help cover it in some places but I've been told to use my

1. Metrogel

and not much else on my skin; just very mild soap. So I've given up my Tazorac and daily AHA 2% (can't wait to see the additonal break-outs that will no doubt ensue...) I am still on 75 mg of Aldactone for acne. Then I am starting a month of

2. 2x day of 100 mg Minocin


I know it's never good to play with your face, but what about all these clear-liquid-filled things amongst the red skin? Will they just go away or should I carefully release the liquid so they dry out?

It is getting really hard to tell SD from my acne/bad skin!!! Just when I thought I had that under control!!!

Do light moisturizers like Cetaphil help? How about my old stand-by, Milk of Magnesia? (It's kinda drying, but also very soothing.)

Has anything conquered this for someone??? I hear it's a bear to get rid of and then it sometimes returns...


I'm staying home a lot because of this mess.

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yo hi!

well its natural ur depressed with ur skin so u aint goin out uve read my post so i guess u know a lil abt me how i got this.

u know wht when i got sd in the month of march (this yr), i dint go out of the house for atleast 6 months i was soo shocked since last 2 months i have developed a lil courage in me tht im gonna fight this shit and gonna come out of it...these days ppl look at me and comment on my face i dnt care im jus waiting for the day when i get completely clear...

this is wht i think and i do...

according to me my sd is mild and i take very good care of my skin, diet, exercise, fluid intake i hope i wont get it back its jus tht i need to get this thing undercontrol for once and for all...

i have stopped all topicals even herbal except for 1, 100% aloe vera gel which i apply everyday at night, all antibiotics even, no face wash, no moisturizers, no sunscreen only i use a very mild soap which my derm has prescribed me, i completely avoid goin out during the day...

i have done enough research on sd and i have been to more than 7-8 top derms in my city in past 6 months ive tried all alternatives ayurvedic, homeopathic but nothing seems to work...

finally ive decided to start on elidel cream, mino 100mg and fluconazole tab its a antifungal tab. taken as a single dose...

my concern areas are nose, cheeks and chin, its pinkish red skin in these areas, lil flakiness,my face is dry in the morning and greasy in the evening, due to accumulation of oil i do get 1-2 pimples at a time...

wht do u mean by 'clear-liquid-filled things' does this refer to pus filled pimples if yes dont remove the liquid frm it, it will go away naturally...

cetaphil dint suit me im talking abt the face wash i dint have the guts to try the moisturizer, yeah milk of magnesia is very good i used to use it before when i rarely used to get 1-2 pimples i havent tried it recently so i cant say...

can u plz tell me how n when did u come to know tht u have sd and wht caused this shit...

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I had it for perhaps 3 weeks without visiting my dermatologist. Finally I thought ~ HEY! THIS ISN'T ACNE! So I went in & she knew right away what it was. All around nose, b/n nose & mouth, chin & a bit on cheeks. THEN it spread to my eyelids & undereye area! (Hard to wear Metrogel there...) I'm female & it helps not to use makeup but I do when I've got to go somewhere important.

She prescribed the Metrogel, then added the Minocin when I called her to say it was worse around my eyes.

It's common in those of us who battle blemishes AND it is caused by stress!

Fun, huh?

PS forgot to say, I am off of all my acne meds and moisturizers. Just metrogel + sunscreen. (I am blonde & live in Southern California so sunscreen is a MUST for me no matter what!)

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