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I've had acne for around 6 years now. I only get acne on my forehead every now and then (it used to be bad in the first year of my acne experience, but Stievamycin handled that very well). The rest of my face got f-ed up (tried retin-a, differin, clindamycin, benzaclin, bunch of stuff). BP and apple cider destroyed my skin in the last year. Long story short, I've gotten rid of the big breakouts (NHSFL got rid of em all, weird). anyways, as long as I use it I dont break out much. Thats the only good thing about my face. I have a ton of black heads on my nose and large pores in the regions next to my nose/above my mouth. I have closed comedones in those areas, as well as a lot of bumpy regions where pimples used to be. Are those scars? or more pimples turned closed comedones? I have red marks scattered across my cheeks..and some more of those bumpy regions. On top of that, my face is VERY VERY VERY VERY oily. very oily. All in all, my face is f-ed and I don't know what products to use. Don't feel like seeing my derm. I keep using NHSFL as it prevents my major breakouts from occuring. But I've seen no improvement as far as scarring/redmarks from this lotion. I'm considering Paula's choice 2% BHA liquid but I can't really order things off the net at the moment. Fish oil pills are also quite expensive without being able to order off the net...

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p.s. ignore my current regimen. i use cetaphil 2 times a day and NHSFL at night. recently i started using garnier pure shine cnotrol moisturizer..its works to hide the shine for about a couple hours, not bad. might have made me break out a little though.

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