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Help with Retin-A Micro

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Been using for 9 weeks now and area around chin is peeling off in layers. Nothing seems to stop it--tried many moisturizers, etc. Also, skin is very oily. If anyone has any suggestions to help me I would appreciate it. Should I quit the Retin-A?

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I had the same problem, you just need to find a great moisturizer. Though it is expensive ($55), Dr. Perricone's Pore Refining Moisturizer is excellent - I can put it right on flaking and it calms my face and I don't have to worry. Has DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid to to help with redness. I would stick with it, or else you would have wasted all of that time.

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retin a .04

i want my old skin to peel off been on it for 4 weeks , i don't understand why people always say their skin is peeling. my skin looks a little dry that's it

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Hi there! When applying Retin A it's best to wait at least half an hour after cleansing to allow your skin to recover from even the most gentle of cleansings and allow your skin to dry thoroughly before you apply the Retin A. Retin A even indicates in some of their patient literature that one must wait half an hour after washing before applying it.

There's a significant difference for me when I waited and followed the instructions.

I do not know the moisturizers that are ok to use with Retin A and I don't remember off hand whether one applies them after or before, or not at the same time as Retin A. Since Retin A is a once a day treatment for most people, it would be safest to apply a moisturizer in the morning when you're not using Retin A (as Retin A is best applied at night).

Generally, if one has significant peeling and irritation it's best to back off on applications of Retin A (if one doesn't want the peeling that is!) It can be applied every three days or so and then you can increase the frequency of applications as your skin gets used to the Retin A.

I myself think the cream isn't good for acne; it is more often prescribed for wrinkles. It is comedogenic...but maybe not for all.

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wynne is right. unless yr using retin-a micro, yr supposed to wait at least 30 min after cleansing. especially when first starting. moisturizer should be used in the morning, though i have read views on makeupalley that retin is only effective for the first 30min or so. by then it's absorbed and you can apply a moisturizer if really needed. but i'm not 100% on that info. keep in mind though that you really want yr skin to peel. it may not be fun, but that is part of what it is supposed to do. it speeds up exfoliation so if you don't peel to some extent, it may not be doing it's job.

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