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Is it okay for me to use NHSFL?

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I have really sensitive skin and I'm very prone to redness.. I'm still not using BP as I'm afraid it might give me full-fledged rosacea but is it okay to use glycolic acid? I used it once last night (using the Night version) and i'm just wondering if it's alright. Because if not, i will need to stop right away

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I 2nd that; I'm using very little bp (only to spot treat) and the glycolic in NHSFL is slowly helping to fade red marks I've got whereas when I was just using bp it maintained them as well as maintaining an orange/red tint to my face :redface: .

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Well if it didn't irritate you then why not use it?

I just don't know what it might do in the long-term with my redness/sensitivity

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If NHSL makes your face too red, but you want to try AHA, you could try Lac-Hydrin 5, which contains lactic acid, a much milder AHA. But it still may not be for your sensitive skin. Just a suggestion.

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Also, only using an AHA product at night (perhaps every other night or so) might make the redness a non-issue for you. My face does become pinker when I apply AHA and stays that way for 1/2 hour - 1 hour or so, but if I'm going to bed, that doesn't really matter much, and I don't wake up any redder than before. You will probably need to experiment to find the right strength of AHA and right frequency of application to avoid lasting redness, but I believe you can do it.

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