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how many of you work and have a job.

working full or part time?

well i work at a pizza place. part time that is. because i want some free time of my own.

and i brought this topic up because, when you work, it occupies you.

for those of you who is caved in their room, not having any social interactions. or home is the only place your found at. maybe getting a part time job is a first approach you should go for. it is i that speak in this manner because of the fact that Acne can consume you more.

reasons are for being to meet other people. not that your going to end up likeing them all.

being responsible, plus earning money.

buy things and have a goal that fufills you more.

you know, theres a saying that things dont make you happy, but um.

purchase some things you want that you couldnt beg from parents.

it can make you happy.

i dont think this qualifies to who has already moved out.

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I work as a machining assistant at a local steel shop. It's through my college's co-op program. You're right about meeting new people, problem is, at my job it's all older people that I don't associate myself outside of work. The money is good though :lol:

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Yeah I had a job, it feels great to have your own things that you payed for,

and something to take up time during the week.

Then I had some medical problems and my doctor said the job was outta

the question for now :mad: So I'm waiting until it's back in the question :rolleyes:

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Work as a full-time massage therapist in a medical building. Its my job to appear with it and to comfort those in distress. In the meantime I'm freaking out and have contemplated taking a leave of absence. I think I need it. I'm totally burnt out.

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Grad school, so not a job, but I do get paid fairly decently for it. I also get paid for teaching part time.

It's nice to have the disposable income from a job. When I first got a job, I bought so much stuff that my parents would never buy me. Frivolous things like new high-end computers, sound systems, bikes, etc, all of which were a lot more expensive than perhaps warranted, but because I had the cash, I just got them. It was interesting how much of a consumerist I became at the time; I've sort of cut back now.

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Yep! Currently, I'm coffee-shop barista. And I'm doing a work-study program with my school, helping with an after-school program for inner-city middle schoolers. Before leaving for college, I'd waitressed, in some capacity, for the last two years. Talk about interaction-heavy! It was hell most of the time, but in retrospect, I'm so glad I stuck with it. It's like boot-camp for the socially inept. In that job, you just don't have the option to not show up because you look like shit, or not approach some table because you're intimidated. It's always sweltering in the kitchen, you're sweaty, frazzled, and have usually been on your feet a good 8 hours--so, you figure, if no one's going to be tipping you on your looks, you'd best grow yourself some charisma. Fast. Well, or at least learn to fake it!

So, I'm no pinnacle of self-confidence as a result. But I've at least learned how to operate regardless. And I think that's pretty valuable.

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been working as far as i can remember. being poor while growing up and working for everything gives a person a perspective on life that is harsh and hopeful!

no regrets, for there could be no tomorrow!


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I love my job and the people I work with. I've worked fulltime at the same job for 20 years and it has kept me occupied and sane.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't sat at the same desk for 20 years...apprenticeship, technology, moving premises x 4 and promotions have kept things interesting.

I have gained alot of respect at work, regardless of my acne.

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