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Whats the newest and best Antibiotic

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hello ive been using erythromycin for about 2 month now

its doin good but not too good

i still have all the black heads and clogged pores!

plus ive body acne

so i was wondering will it be better to take tablets instead of puttin topicals?

and wats the newest and best working antibiotic rit now? coz im planning to change soon

and one more thing i was wondering is wat can i take to make my pore walls stronger? and to make them smaller too

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Bactrim, or Septra.. Sulfur antibiotic. Upon that, it's basically the next best thing you can take matched to Accutane. It's an extremely good antibiotic that clears most people...with just pills.

Google- Bactrim or Septra. You'll get ALL kinds of info.

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Oral antibiotics are better if you have more extensive acne problems, and problems that go beyond your face (neck, shoulders, chest, back). They can do more for it because they work internally. However oral antibiotics can negatively affect your health and have MUCH more potential for serious side effects than topical ones do. Because oral ones are circulated throughout your body whereas topical ones are local to the skin. Generally special dosages amounts of tetracyclines (doxicycline, minocycline, tetracycline) are used for acne, and sometimes erythromycin. Sometimes sulfa drugs like Bactrim/Septra are used if you cannot tolerate tetracyclines or if they do not work for you. But remember that antibiotics only help inflammatory acne because they control bacteria. They don't help whiteheads and blackheads. And you do need to watch your sun exposure while on them.

Retinoids are needed to have any kind of change in pore size and skin texture. Antibiotics won't help with that.

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why are you taking erythromycin?? That is prescribed only if you are allergic to pennicillin antibiotics...

do NOT go on bactrim. it has serious side effects, and its not gonna help you a lot.

if you are not allergic to pennicillin, I suggest you go on doxycycline - 100mg twice a day.

Minocycline is pretty good too, but i prefer doxy!

You can also slow down oil release into your skin by using Retinoids. Start with tretionoid. If you are male, accutane wouldnt be a bad choice. if you are female, stay off from accutane. It can have serious side effects on your hormonal productions.

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Im on lymcyclin and it seems to be working (so far!). Its a form of tetracyclin. Ive been on it for a month and my skin looks better. Side effects - i think im a bit more tired than usual and if i dont take it with my main meal it makes me feel a little bit sick but thats it. Will let you know how it goes in a month or 2.

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yeah, Im on lymecyclin as well, as of only 2 days so I can't say what effect its having. I was on erythromycin ages ago and it had no effect other than making me feel very sick. I went to my doctor recently and he said he'd prescribe me antibiotics and asked if Id been on them before. I said Id done erythromycin and it was crap and he actually said that loads of people are resistant to it and he wouldnt expect it to work. I dunno, maybe its good for some people. different ppl respond differently to different meds.

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