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Why me??

I ate 10 m&m's and masturbated twice last week

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and as far as I remember I didn't do anything else that could cause an acne 'spike' (I've been relatively clear for around half a year, only marks and scars).

Now I have a tonne of red spots near my mouth and on my chin. And I have the biggest pus cyst/nodule since February this year. Not to mention that my back acne is now back after a 2-week hiatus.

It's either the peanuts or masturbation. Or both. Dammit! I'm so sick of living like a prisoner, wanting to eat food I want but just cant! And wanting to jerk off but cant!

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Lol i just saw forum about masturbation , man wth.

but if it cause acne then its k to say it.

on other forum i saw that Masturbate gives breaks out.

i don't need to worry cause i don't do that ;/

btw i ate lots M&M on halloween cause i love peanuts

and i didn't get break out.

maybe a bit on my back instead of my face.

I rather have acne on my back then on my face

I don't mind since is small and theres only 3-4 on my back

with many brown spot :( keeps coming out on my back

I gotta stop eating JUNK!!!!!!!!! >_< lol so avoid M&M even though is my favorite lol

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Nah I really dont think it's random. I think it's a phase I have to go through if I do something wrong eg. eat lots of junk... it will pass soon enough (I hope) but I just wish no more new spots will develop. I forgot to mention that my face has been oilier for the last 4 or 5 days. The oil is much thicker and and vicious.

I'm leaning more towards masturbation as the cause though... I think dairy is bad for me but in small amounts its still okay. I usually eat little chocolate now and then and I dont breakout. Which could only mean the peanuts or masturbation. I remember last year during march-april I had this 2-month camp, I only masturbated once in that period and didnt have any acne (granted back then I only had mild acne, but I remember I only had one spot during those 2 months).

Oh and those spots around my mouth are almost all dried up already. and that big cyst is also drying up. No doubt this big one will leave a scab and then either one of two things will happen:

1) I will accidentally/out of itchiness touch or scrub the scab and it will fall off and maybe it will bleed a little and then the mark will last an eternity.

2) The scab will drop off by itself later and the mark will probably last 1000 years.

Both suck.

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