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Anyone used Salycilic Acid washes?...

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I've started using it and my face even though did not burn, was slightly red the whole day. I put on lotion and it helped.

Will my face get use to SA or will I always have this reaction to it? Also does SA work for you or BP is better?

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Whether you'll get used to it depends on your skin. The reaction sounds a bit strong for a salicylic acid wash; it could be the other ingredients that give you that reaction. I'd stay away from anything that says 'cooling' or 'warming' like the Biore Salicylic acid washes. I only used that on my legs to possibly help prevent ingrown hairs...but now I've decided that the ingrowns are just worse with that product from Biore. I just use the baby's hair brush on legs now for exfoliation.

Everyone is different. Salicylic acid (particularly Paula's Choice products) are great for comedonal acne. BP is great for inflammatory acne.

If you have mild to moderate inflammatory acne, the regimen will work nicely for you most likely. If you have comedonal acne (primarily blackheads and whiteheads), a gentle chemical and manual exfoliant regimen should help you out nicely.

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I'm on medications finishing up with Klaron and continuing to use Tazorac.

I'm looking for a good wash that will help prevent future breakouts because my skin is almost clear now. My problem is that breakouts return after skin clears up.

I used Triaz 3% BP before for over a year, but it didn't do much on preventing breakouts. Now after my regular cleanser finished, I started using this Neutrogina SA wash today. My face is not extremely red, just slightly redish than normal. I will continue to use it for a week and see if I'll start reacting better.

I just want to find a good wash that works on prevention, and I thought SA does that?

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It's terrific that you're mostly clear! Congratulations!

Whether the breakout is inflammatory or comedonal, I'd consider adding in a glycolic acid product. Neutrogena Pore Refining toner has both AHA (glycolic acid) and BHA (salicylic acid) in it and it feels wonderful to use after a wash. It is not harsh at all. If you want recommendations for other glycolic acid products, there's a link to a thread about glycolic acid products in my signature. Good ideas from various people are collected into the first post.

Since you're using those other products, you'd probably benefit more from a gentle cleanser like Purpose or Cetaphil. That might help your skin.

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Thank You for you help. Just some more questions.

I've tried an AHA SPF30 lotion and after I've tried it, I'm scared to use AHA products because my face felt like plastic the whole day.

What is you opinion on sulfur based products/washes? Do sulfur products kill acne bacteria like BP or SA does? Since I'm using Klaron, a sulfur based product, and it really helped clear me up much faster than any previous acne med, I wonder if a Sulfur based wash will work like BP or SA. (I have in mind Plexion sulfur wash, which has great reviews on this site.)

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