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Ianwatkinz's Regimen: My journey through all of this nonsense

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Well I finally decided to post on these forums after thoroughly reading up on everything pertaining to acne.

My Background story:

Let's face it, acne sucks. I've experienced it first-hand for the past six years. I tried everything, you know how it goes. Nothing seemed to ever get my face and back clear, only seemed to hold new acne from forming. Even then some pimples broke through the defenses, leaving me with no self-esteem.

My Regimen that WORKS:

This took a lot of patience, a lot of research, and a lot of trial and error. This is the ONLY regimen that has ever worked for me that accomplished what I wanted, Reducing acne AND Preventing it.

What you need:

Proactiv 3-Step Solution (Don't let this scare you away, I have good reasons for this)

Neutrogena Face Wash with Salicylic Acid

MaMa Lotion (optional, but HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended)

What you DON'T need:

A lotion. Don't use any other lotion to hydrate your face. This will only clog your pores

This Reigmen is all about patience. You will see improvements within a month or you can quit. Leave it at that.

What you do:

- Wash DAY and NIGHT. I cannot stress this enough. You have to wash twice a day or this won't work. (Every 12 Hours)

- Don't scrub hard.

- Apply a generous amount of all of the following: 2% BP from the Proactiv Solution, the Face wash to all areas prone to acne (including the back and shoulders!) , and the Revitalizing Toner.

So its broken down like this:

-The Face wash comes FIRST.

-The 2% BP Comes after in the SHOWER.

-The Repairing LOTION comes outside the shower immedately following drying off

- Brushing your teeth if needed

-The Revitalizing Toner

-MaMa Lotion applied every OTHER day once a day (preferably at night, optional)

How this works: Drying out your skin to reduce all bacteria and oil. It absolutely works.

How it will affect you over time:

0 Days: Acne Nightmare :(

7 Days: Probably VERY MODERATE to NO Improvement. BE PATIENT.

14 Days: You will feel 100% percent better. Improvement is outstanding. 50% of acne reduced if not more (2 weeks is a good ratio for a skin cycle)

Month: Acne 75% Gone

3 Months: Acne very light now, almost completely gone


Why Proactiv works: It doesn't by itself. It works WELL with OTHER things applied to it, this being the Face wash mentioned above and MaMa lotion. The Lotion is an absolute must, along with the Toner they provide. These are very effective treatment options

I'll update this later too if anyone is interested.

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