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Fraxel on Hispanic Skin

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Hi. I'm getting the Fraxel procedure this Friday, Nov. 9. I'm somewhat scarred since I am Hispanic and I know that I will get the dark spots after the procedure. They started me on this bleaching cream that cost me $130 (my insurance wouldn't cover since it's for cosmetic reasons). A nurse is going to do the procedure and I'm kind of glad because the doctor didn't seem too considerate. The nurse that I spoke to was very comforting and answered all my questions and took her time.

I purchased 4 Fraxel treatments and they will be using the Fraxel II. I've been reading all your comments and it seems that most people found it a waste of their money. Although there are some people that seemed pretty happy. I know that there is no cure to take scars away, but if I can even get a 20% improvement, I will be happy. I'm 46, and my family thinks I'm thowing my money away because I've lived with my scares for so long now. I'm not to sure what to expect post Fraxel with the darker skin. I've read some scarry stories on other message boards, but I haven't seen any here. If anyone can tell me what to expect post, I'd appreciate it. Also, will Tylenol help before the procedure? I see that people have taken medication for the pain.

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I am 26 and half hispanic, and just had a consult for fraxel 2, i decided not to go with it. The doctor I saw said she takes pictures to show there are changes in the skin, I asked her would it make an improvement or not? She said it does, I heard from another doc that same day, it really doesnt work well for scars. I am looking into subcision and filler, maybe dermaroller. Good luck!

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thank you for the info. I ended up getting the procedure done yesterday. I've done a lot of research and it looks like it doesn't work for some people. I hope that I'm one of the lucky ones and that it works for me. I was also concerned because of the color of my skin and I don't want dark spots. From what I can see, my face looks a tiny bit smoother, but since it's only the second day, I need to wait. I plan on doing at least 4 procedures. I will post in a few days my results.

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My face has the bronzed look right now with several little dots. When I woke up this morning my face was somewhat swollen, and I have very little swelling right now.

Right after I had the procedure done my face swelled up. Even the nurse that did my face got scared and had the doctor come in and evaluate my face before I left. I kind of got scared becuase it looked very strange. The office gave me 2 bags filled with frozen peas. I think this helped me alot because my face did not swell badly the second day. I drove home with the ice packs on my face and kept them on and off my face for about 3 hours. I really think this helped me. I also drank a lot of water.

My face is starting to peel and it feels somewhat dry, but tolerable. I am breaking out on my chin a little with these tiny little white heads. I read that this happens to people. I can still see all my scares and I have moderate scarring with the exception of 2 deep scares on my chin. With this only being my first treatment and second day, I'm hoping that I will eventually see results.

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