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Bra straps and back irritation

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Does anyone besides me experience acne-like skin responses to back irritation from bra straps? My back acne is almost exclusively located along my bra strap lines, and where my bra covers me in front. Tiny, itchy pimples. (Grr.)

I'm wondering if y'all have found any good "bra alternatives" that are less irritating. I'm on the small side, so don't need to wear a bra every day, but there are times when I do want to wear one. Which are less irritating?

Thanks y'all!

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That used to happen to me. I never found much of a solution to it. I had very large breasts and not much choice in bra materials. Maybe a sports bra involving mesh knit, so your skin can breathe? Or look for smoother or absent seams? Actually, a sports bra might be good for that second criterion, too. (What resolved my issues was a breast reduction, but that doesn't seem like an option you'd tend to consider . . . )

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i have had the same problem, the best thing i ever found is alternating between a sports bra, and a regular bra, and then just not wearing one to bed. i also have to shower at night and in the morning, to keep it from getting out of control.

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Tiny, itchy?

Could be mild exzema (forgot how to spell it, sorry) that your confusing for acne. I use to have excema on my arm that looked like mild acne, and it escalalated to severe excema. It was horrible, scaly, crust, itchy, disgusting. You should go to a doctor and check it out. I had had it from 2nd grade, and I didnt get it diagnosed till 5th grade, because my Mom didnt have the time or money for the doctor.

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I second that. I think it did help to not wear a bra at night; I just forgot about it. I take twice daily showers, too, and it cut down on body acne, in general, but I don't think it was quite as helpful for the bra-strap acne as for other body parts.

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