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Facial hair and dryness

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That's right. I'm back. Who knows how long it'll last this time, I feel like I never have the time to be on here anymore what with school, and church/Bible study, and my gf...that's probably why I'm on again...she's out of town this weekend. lol.

ANYways, hello to everyone, glad to see that everything around here is good. I have a question: It seems that whenever I stop shaving (even for a day or so) my skin gets a lot flakier. This makes sense, as I guess it would be harder to get the moisturizer onto the skin, but the jojoba seems to go on pretty well so I feel like it should work, especially because the jojoba is really what gets my skin moisturized and gets rid of flakes, not the moisturizer. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and what they do about it.

Also, I'm planning on growing my beard as long as I can (before I can no longer apply BP) just to see...I know I can grow a full beard, but I have no clue what it would look like because I've always kept it shaven (partially because of my acne medications). Anyone ever tried this, and how far can you get before the BP becomes less effective?

Note: To alleviate the dryness, I'm gonna try a similar version of CAKDs jojoba mask/srub method thingy. Because of the facial hair (and how annoying it is to rub my face with it it'll probably end up being more "mask" than "scrub," but we'll see if it helps the weird dryness I'm getting. I'll let you know in a few days.

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I used to have this issue and I had enough and grew my beard right out. Now I don't even apply bp or moisturizer. I just use my daily facial cleanser on my beard followed by a glycolic acid toner and the skin under my beard rarely breaks out. The rest of my skin I use DKR and those are the areas that continue to break out and struggle with dryness. Go figure that one out.

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I have no advice for you but I did want to say hi! :wavey:

I know Dan always recommends daily shaving. He's found it to be less irritating that way, but if you are trying to grow a beard, I guess there comes a time when you can no longer use the bp or moisturizer because it won't get down into the skin.

Good luck!

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