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19 days in... My course thus far...

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First week: I started breaking out immediately after taking my pills the first 2 days, then day 3 and 4 looked like i was clearing then BAM I wake up with like 20 whiteheads. Then id wake up with 10, 5, and then the odd one by day 10. Since then I have gotten maybe 3 odd ones and they dissappear very quick without much trace. I've been steadily improving since day 10 and im almost 100% clear. So the passed two days ive really put it to the test by eating over 8 brownies, 3 huge double chocolate cupcakes and various other sugary sour treats. So the next few days will be interesting.

The side effects at 20mg are minimal. Ya my face is dry is i dont moisturize but that cetaphil moisturizer is amazing right after a shower. I use Nizoral for the dry scalp but I get pretty dry scalp as it is so I might need some kind of topical steriod or shampoo from my derm for that especially with winter coming. Oh and for some reason it has made me EXTREMELY hungry ALL THE TIME. I always had eating problems usually under eating so this is awesome for me. I have been 6'3 around 150-160lbs for a couple years now so this is already noticeably helping me in that aspect as well.

I work out alot too even doing a bit of roofing for my dad. I really hardly get any pain at all.

I go Nov 5th for my 2nd month where he plans to increase my dosage from 20mg a day to 50. However I am going to negotiate a 30mg a month, and then cap out at 40mg for my remaining 6 months instead of 50.

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