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Benzoyl Peroxide on Lips = Swelling!

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This is my first post on this board, so I just wanted to say I am using a slightly altered method of Dan's Regimen and its working excellent. On bad weeks I'll get 1 or 2 pimples and they go away within a day.

Anyways, one of those infrequent pimples was developing about an eighth of an inch under my bottom lip, and i applied a little bit extra BP to it like I normally do to. I went to bed, and when I woke up my lip felt a bit numb. I went to the mirror and to my horror, the bottom left of my lip was swollen to twice the size! It looks like someone took a baseball bat to the side of my face! The pimple is gone, but the lip...it just wont go down! I took some ibuproferen and an allergy pill, and then held an ice pack to it for about an hour...but it just wont go down. Ive always known that the back of any BP label says, "keep away from lips", but I've used BP on pimples much closer to my mouth and never had a problem.

To sum it up, this is simply horrid, and I would gladly trade my pimple back for a normal lip. Meanwhile, I called in sick from work, but I still have a class to go to tonight, and thats something I can't miss. I really hope its down by then.

Has anyone had anything similiar happen? And for future reference, a quick way to reduce the swelling?


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I figured I might add my own regimen while I have a post up here. I've had excellent results with it, going from a new pimple every day +lasting redmarks and a few zits here and there to no redmarks and a pimple a week.

In the morning I shave with an electric Remington and then take my shower. (I get less irritation with an electric, and always have) In the shower I wash my body with normal dial soap, and use a Neutrogena bar on my face lightly. I then take Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne-Wash w/ Solycilic Acid and use it on my face, neck, and shoulders. I dont use a washcloth for the acid, just rub it in, wait a bit, then rinse well. Get out of the shower, dry, and then wait 15 minutes. I use a 5% Rugby Acne Medication Benzoyl Peroxide Gel that I must have gotten awhile ago from a doctor. I have about 5 tubes of it that I never used, so thats what I use. 5% might be a bit much for some people, but for me its perfect. I put the same amount on my face as in Dan's, minus areas that might get irritated or don't break out anymore. Wait 15 minutes and if you want, then you can use a moisterizer (I dont.)

Keep your hands off your face!

At night, I rinse my face well, and then use the same Oil-Free Acne-Wash Solycilic Acid cleanser. Let it dry, and then I use the same BP gel. Wait 15 minutes, and then hit the sack.

This, for me, has worked very well, and Ive been using this formula for about 3 months now. Nothing has come close to it ever. The Solcylic acid has taken my pores from gaping-huge to microscopic. It has also removed any red marks from old pimples. Its wonderous stuff, and doesn't seem to cause any irritation on my part at all.

I dont use a moisterizer, even though perhaps I should. I really dont like the feeling of one on my face, and somehow can't get over it. On occasion I will dry out, but its really not bad, and probably has more to do with the weather.

Anyways, thats my regimen. If you try it, I wish you luck.

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When I first started using BP, I was using 10%. Every morning I would wake up with my eyes swollen almost shut!! Now I'm using 2.5 % and this doesn't happen anymore. A good way to reduce swelling is cold compress, and some hydrocortizone cream (used for bug bites and stuff like that) That seems to work really well. A think a common brand is Cortaid. Hope this helps!


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Doh! I didn't even think about putting on cortizone. If this happens ever again (which I hope it wont), i'll try that. Thanks. :X

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