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Hi. im on a low glycemic, vegan, low-gluten diet. but according to some sources, it isn't very alkaline. On others it is.

http://www.energiseforlife.com/list_of_alkaline_foods.php (according to this, stuff i eat is for the most part alkaline, like lentils)

http://www.energiseforlife.com/list_of_alkaline_foods.php (But not according to this more widely circulated list, lentils as acidic. I eat lots of them, along with steel cut oats.)

What is the general consensus on these lists? A lot of foods deemed "okay" for the acne free diet are listed as acidic (therefore bad for skin), like olive oil, fish, many veggies, and especially digestive enzymes, etc.

The second page is actually very inconsistent. In one of its lists, some things are alkaline, while in others the EXACT foods are acidic. how much does acidity really matter? I've been doing fish oil/low GI/vegan for 3 weeks and seem to see big improvement..perhaps i shouldn't even worry about this.

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Theres a lot of confusion in general about acidity of food and diets, and what actually happens in the body. It is known (thought?) that a very high acidity diet puts extra stress on the body as it attempts to alkalise it's self. If your ill or have certain conditions then your body may not be able to perform this efficiently, which is the reason for sticking to low acid based/forming foods. A balanced diet is usually a better and more realistic option, unless you have a specific condition.

Just my thoughts - so i've tried cutting out refined foods, low gi, low gl, currently cutting out dairy and gluten (and most grains), and then will probably try raw maybe paleo - but as of yet i have seen little improvement past the benefit i got from improving my digestive system. Even hordes of "acne" curing supplements haven't helped.

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