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Making Your own TCA peel

hey, just a quick note

for all of those people buying TCA, you can make your own very easily.

It just requires knowledge of high school chemistry.

You can buy all the supplies including the TCA crystals online from a chemical supplier.

the formula is basically percent concentration=(grams of solute) per 100ml solvent

the solute is the tca crystals and the solvent is distilled water, or deionized water which is better and can also be purchased.

so basically supplies you need, balance scale, volumetric flask, tca crystals and h20.

so lets say you want to make 25 percent tca peel

you weigh out 25 grams of tca cystals on a scale, place into volumetric flask, fill the flask to the 100ml line with h20, and basically mix the solution till tca crystals are dissolved.

those websites charging 100 bucks a pop, ummm thats like 100 percent profit. Making tca costs pennies. But then again i guess you have to pay for the flask and balance etc.

If you are wondering how i know all this, i'm a bio major in college and bio majors have to take lots of chemistry classes and we make lots of percent composition solutions in labratory.


take care...... but be carefull, if this sound confusing, dont try it.

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That is actually very informational SanJoseSkin! You could have saved me $65.00 years ago when I had to sleuth out my 100% TCA. You should add this to the TCA CROSS thread...

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