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Anyone have an idea

Okay, I have no idea what to do. I had my derm appointment on Monday and got my accutane prescription. I did my pregnancy test after my appointment. Tuesday around noon the Resident calls me and says the test is neg and she will do the iPledge stuff. I looked Tuesday around 4 pm she hadnt done it so I called but what do you know "sorry we aren't here please leave a message." I left a message expecting a call today, nothing. I called around 130 pm and the nurse said she talked to the derm and she said she was going to do it and check iPledge and if its not up in an hour call back. It wasn't up so I called back and they said she is at the VA so they need to call her and they would call me back. HAvent heard from them since. My question is i guess, what should i do if she doesn't do it tomorrow or friday because the last day to fill my prescription is Sunday and of course my derm doesn't work on the weekends? I am going to call friday if she doesn't do it tomorrow but I have no idea what to do if she doesn't do it by friday evening. The pharmacys I went to to fill my accutane prescriptions the first time told me I had to bring it in within the 7 days. I don't know about this pharmacy now that I go to but I'm sure they are the same way. I don't want to drive back to my derm office to get another prescription because they are two hours away.

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ugh i hate ipledge. what i would do is take the prescription to your pharmacy. the pharmacists will hassle the docs for you, it saves you the trouble!

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Thanks, I have to do that. The Pharmacist at the pharmacy I go to now is really nice I bet he would do that for me. On a prescription that I got over the summer, they didn't put a dosage and he called and called until they finally gave him the dosage.

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