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What worked for me

I used to have horrible red marks and acne on my upper lip and surrounding my lips and chin. It was horrible it was like i had a mustache of pimples (probably because of shaving). But anyways i went on a family trip to Europe, and my auntie constantly babbled about this cosmetics lady that gives good facials. At first i thought it would make my acne worse, its pretty obvious that she would smear on whatever kind of cream and massage my face resulting in irritation. But i said what they heck and gave it a try. So i went for a 2 hour facial, she smeared me with all sorts of creams, steamed my face and opened up my pores. But one thing that she did that most people dont do is squeeze EVERY SINGLE pimple that was on my face!

It hurt so much and i was about to cry! After about 20 minutes of constant squeezing and pain i was finished. I got up and looked in the mirror, my face looked horrible, lots of marks and opened wounds. She smeared some cream on and then some coverup and sent me home. I decided that the best thing to do was to not care about my face, and i was right. For the past month i havent used a single product, nor have i tried to clean my face in the sink. The only time i would clean my face was in the shower. My skin has never looked this good! Im so happy that i tried this sort of thing and i recommend this to anyone. Yes you're face looks like death the first 3-4 days, but that's why God invented coverup. Shaving is no longer a problem with me either. I still get one pimple here and there but its practically nothing!

Anyways so thats my story... lol

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