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makeup tips from someone on accutane with DRY skin

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:X Hi girls, Im not a makeup artist, but I am an expert at doing my own makeup which Ive had much practice with trial and error for 8 years. I know whats good out there! Im on my 5th month of accutane, my skin is clear but Its just as dry as ever and dry skin is hard to cover with makeup. I wash with St.Ives aprocot foaming facewash. Its great cause It smells so good, and leaves my face very soft! I use bath gloves when I was my face, to help scrub off the dead dry peeling skin, which are in the make up section at walmart- if you dont see them, ask, theyre there. Using the gloves is important cause if I dont, my makeup goes on to where I can see peeling skin patches underneath.Be careful to only scrub gently,I even did this when I had acne still, It was the only way for e to be asble to wear makeup.It took me forever to find a moisturizer that 1-didnt break me out 2- was thick enough that it totally took away my dryness so that it was possible to apply makeup. It is called Loreal HydraFresh and It comes in a jar. Ther are two kinds to choose from, dry or oily skin and of course I use the one for dry skin. Its great cause Its so moisturizing that Id think theres something bad to break me out in it, but trust me, theres not :wink:

I put it on and rub it in good, and wait a minute, and put a little more on so that after my makeup is on, my skin will be really moisturized underneath. Then, i start with concealer under my eyes, a good kind (because it wont dry out your delicate eye area) is covergirl fresh complectionconcealer. Use a couple shades lighter than your foundation cause it really brings out your eyes after you got all your make up on! Then, the best foundation like everyone else is saying is Revlon Colorstay. I have to blend two of the colors together to get my perfect shade( cause that way people cant see that line on my jaw where my makeup starts cause its such a close match to my skin) This foundation is tricky - I know it was for me till I got the hang of it- then I t was a miracle cause of its awesome staying power and coverage. I start with my forehead( just one section at a time) and blend it down to my timples. I pat it till it dries a little to get it looking natural and then start applying it on the area between my eyes and blending this part into my forehead, but dont put it on your nose yet. Then I put dots on my cheeks,chin, a dot on my nose and a dot on my upper lip, and pat it evenly allover, blending all those sections together- Just keep patting it into your skin, even over your lips cause that will help later when we get to the lips. Now, if you need a little extra coverage on blemishes/ marks, mix a little foundation, with that lighter concealer to put on marks. After, apply LOOSE powder all over your face, and the best kind is Cornsilk, translucent. It has that shimmer in it to keep your skin from looking too matte but not too much shimmer, and it makes your skin look really nice! Now, Apply the rest of your makeup like your blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara and heres a cool trick for your lips. At this point, your lips should has foundation on them if you did what I said :X

Now, Take a Q-tip, and get it wet on one side, Put a little facewash on it and use your fingers to twist it in the direction where the cotton tightens around the stick part so you have more of a point on it. Now, use this as a you wouls a lip liner, taking off the makeup on your lips and lining them at the same time, just follow your natural lip shape and youll ened up looking like you have flawless lips or take off a little bit past your natural lip line and make your lips loo bigger. Now, apply vaseline like lipgloss, but only enough to thinly cover your lips. Then, use a natural colored lip liner and go over your lip line. You should look like you have great lips right now! And of course, you dont need me to tell you how to put mascara on and eyeliner- blush, Im just trying to tell you all the tricks that not everyonr knows.

I know this is a long post, and it would be so much easier to just learn from watching me, but if you practice, youll get it down , just like me, I promise. And all the products I use took me years of wasting $ on stuff that didnt work so if you have dry skin like me these are the best products for the $ .If anyone needs help or has ?s feel free to ask , Id love to help! Good luck! Bow :X

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I use Revlon Colorstay foundation as well. It is the best I have ever used because it lasts all day and it covers up EVERYTHING!

I just wanted to make a couple of other suggestions.

A great loose powder that I use is Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder in Natural Light. It can be reapplied during the day, and it gives that shimmery look to your face like the Cornsilk powder you described above does. It does come in tinted shades, but I prefer translucent.

An AWESOME concealer is Urban Decay's Camouflage Concealer. I use the lightest shade, called Cloud Cover. It comes in a tiny pot and the pot containes skin-toned concealer and green concealer to cover the red marks.

First apply the Revlon foundation, then the powder, and then the concealer over any remaining spots. Then dab more powder on the concealer to set it and there you have it: PERFECTO!

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i recently bought revlon colourstay foundation coz of all of u guys' compliments on it. however, when you say it covers everything, not for me it doesn't! :X i don't use concealer coz i don't want to make anything worse, so i have to layer the foundation on to get decent coverage( i use it for my marks). at least i think its decent in the morning in my well-lit bathroom mirror, then by lunch, its all dry and flakey and patchy and its so obvious im wearing it and it all looks so awful esp. in natural light!!

Am i doing something wrong(apart from the concealer)?please help!!

btw -- i use retin-a at night ( for about 1.5 months now)and moisturise in the morning and during the day after school when i get home and don't have any make-up on.

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A great concealer is 'Covercare' by Jane Iredale. It's oil-free and water resistant. It's a cream in a tube but as soon as you put it on your skin it sort of dissolves into a powder. Brilliant stuff!

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