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bloated face?

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well before i started taking accutane my face actually had shape to it, im not chubby/obese, i'd say im pretty skinny for an 18 year old male.

lately though ive found my face, or mainly my cheeks have become more chubby like? its hard to explain, but its like my face is bloated, my stomach and all the rest is normal/slim.

could this be accutane related? its worrying me that im developing rather strange fat cheeks, a bit like a hamster :whistle:

so jokes aside please, anyone else had a bloated face? or know if its due to accutane?

ta much.

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Bloated face? ummm never heard of that b4, maybe your gaining weight? cos when i gained weight it goes to face 1st b4 it goes to my body... ummm...

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Anyone else experienced something like this? Same thing has happened to me, my face looks alot more fatter/rounder, I looked at photos before accutane and the difference is very noticeable. It actually happened soon into accutane, but i guess it happened gradually since for a while i just thought I was imagining it. But it is pretty obvious now, and then I thought it was just the accutane, but i'm almost 2weeks post and it is still there? Any help? Weight has remained the exact same as the past photo i'm looking at, and i've always been slim built, no where else looks bloated, though i did get a swollen leg/ankles for a few days into my course but that has gone away. Any ideas? This is like the only sideeffect that's bothering me.

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Something about this thread amuses me immensely.

I wouldn't mind having a bloated face. Don't take it for granted! The grass is always greener on the other side.

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