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geeze, well, now i just dont know what to say, im guessing its plain out, some people get it, some people dont, you have to take your chances, and hope you dont.

i dont think a bunch of people on an internet forum are going to be able to solve this problem, i believe we'll have to wait to leung gets his findings published, and the problem of hairloss becomes more widespread, in which case another study will hopefully investigate this problem

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I am experiencing almost the same thing as eggfriedmice has experienced. Anyone know what happened to her? I've been on b5 for about 3 yrs. Started at 10g 3yrs ago and past year or 2 went down to 2grams. The last year I've been on a maintenance dose with 2grams of b5 so if you think 2grams won't harm you, think twice.

This recently this just happened to me. I know it's the b5. Extreme psychological paranoia... Panic attacks... I almost felt like I couldn't take it anymore. My blood tests showed nothing so I saw a brain specialist doctor who said from my symptoms I've experienced an emotional shock, something from too much stress.

I believe that shock came from the side effects of taking b5. I was fine one minute, took 500mg of b5 and couple hours later I was in hell. I had a fear of death at 2am walking back and forth in my room till 4am then I finally fell asleep on the floor in my computer room. Woke up the next day with EXTREME fatigue, I couldn't think straight... It feels like you have a cloudy filter over your mind, you try to snap out of it but you can't. I started feeling better at night and by next morning I was fine. Then at dinner I took another 500mg of b5 and a hour or 2 later I was in hell again but this time worse. I almost passed out,... should've went to the ER but oh well.

It's been about 3 weeks and I'm slowing getting better. It's been 3 long weeks of paranoia, anxiety, extreme fatigue (I can't even watch t.v. for 30minutes straight without getting tired). Just last week I've been getting the vivid dreams and i wake up every 2 hours so the next day I feel that lousy fatigue from the lack of sleep before test days at school. The worse is that cloudy filter in my mind that makes feel like i'm drunk or something and I can't get sober. I felt like literally going crazy. I lost close to 15lbs the first week but now I've gotten better. Everytime I took b5 I got noticeably worse. I could actually feel the nausea and dizzyness come as my body would digest the food with the b5 in it, I had to stop everything and just lay in bed.

I stopped taking all vitamins for the past 1.5-2 weeks and I'm getting better. No more paranoia but my mind feels very fatigued if I concentrate hard for any period of time. My body is not as fatigued anymore. Hopefully there was no permanent damage done to my body or my poor little brain.

After reading eggfriedmice's story and having been through the same experience as her's with b5 I know this won't be just isolated cases anymore.

Just becareful and if you experience these symptoms, don't go and take more vitamins, just stop everything. If anyone knows more about this and can help, let me know.. thanks.

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i was on about 6g of b5 for a year n a half

after around 8 months i got chronic constipated every day for the rest of the time i was on them, i thought i had something seriously wrong i didnt think it was from the pills. i found a website stating all the side affects and constipation was one. i went to the doctor and brought the pills with me and notice how the ingredients says D-CALCIUM before the pantothenic. its a form of calcium and when calciums taken in too much u get constipated, not including a number of other problems. she said this is def. why i was chronic constipated and to stop taking them immediatetly. i wasnt going to the bathroom for over 2 weeks at a time, until i took laxatives i couldnt go on my own without them.when i stopped taking them after less then a week i started going on my own and have been fine since.

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I've been on 6g for about a month now, and I feel more regular. That is, I used to go once, maybe twice a day. Now I'm going three times a day, which is great in my opinion. it's not diarrhea either. I suppose it could be from the massive amounts of water I've been taking along with the B5.

On another note, though, the calcium was a problem for me as it gave me a urinary tract infection. I took pantethine while I kicked the uti (way more expensive, but no calcium). Now I'm back on the B5, and with around 120oz of water a day and daily cranberry tea, I haven't had any other problems.

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Alright I'm not going to read your whole thread, this is why.

You said

"I took 10 grams a day in time-release form (4 doses of 2.5g

daily), with no other b-vitamins - for 2 years solid."

1) You are not supposed to take them for 2 years at that dosage.

2) You should have been advised to take other b-vitamins, a b-complex, I know in the sticky on these boards they do advise you to take the complex. Not taking the complex, you will build up a deficiently to other B vitamins.

So here is your problem, you probably are deficient in other B vitamins. This is your fault and no ones else. Do not come on here saying B5 is going to kill me, because it isn't, B5 works for 99.999% of people and it is the safest way of treating acne and boosting energy.

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The B5 regimen still doesn't scare me, in fact if I see little improvement in the coming weeks I'm going to start it myself.

In fact, amost every case and person that said things happen to them like this, on every forum, said they didn't take a B-complex or extra biotin. Taking high amounts of any of these vitamins won't hurt you, deficiencies will though. Taking this much B5 and little of everything else will force your body to flush, which will put you deficient in every other B vitamin unless you supplement them too.

I haven't heard any case yet where someone had these problems despite taking all the extra supplements.

Oh and the RDA is just based off of deficiency and whats considered a safe amount over that, it has nothing to do with how much your body can handle. Remember this.

This is my opinion based on what I've learned, you can disagree of course, but I'll need something better to convince me not to start a B5 regimen.

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Wildside, humans are mammals not animals.

Shag, I took those percautions and then some and still suffered from hairloss.  I posted on ezboard...

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I find it strange the two people that say they're having the same exact issues (heaterjuice and keokio) just joined the forum recently.

I've never taken B5 and don't plan to unless maybe for a last resort but after reading heaterjuices first post, it just sounds fishy. Too many side effects from taking B5 for one and then the doctor can't find anything.

Anyway, to anyone taking B5, just play it smart and don't take high doses of anything for long periods of time.

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I agree. Something doesn't add up. I don't want to discredit him, but I won't be surprised if he works for some company and is just trying to use scare tatics.

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I've just started with the B5 regime. But from reading many posts on this topic it seems that people who start out with extremely high mega doses can not fall down to a healthy maintanence dose. Also the people who start with a lower dosage ( say 5 or 6gr) have stabalized their acne at that dosage.

Could it be that since the B5 is controlling the acne that it is simply controlling it at the level you are letting be controlled at. By that I mean if you let your body get used to 20mg a day for 30 days then your body may only know how to control that acne with that amount of dosage available. And trying to lower the dose might not be cause acne necessarily, but possibly just having a bad reaction to not getting such high doses anymore.

I've noticed that my skin was clearer last year by simply taking multi vitamins, vitamin E and a b-complex. I decided to start with a low dose of B5 (5gr a day) for the first few days and then I will drop down to 1 gr a day so that my body doesn't become dependant on it. Plus who really wants to go through hundreds of moderately priced vitamins a month? I don't. wink.gif

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jesus christ you took 10 grams a day for two years straight?!?! no wonder...

the megadose is only supposed to be for a month or so..was your acne that bad?

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Guest max_powers585
yeah i was searching around and found a post, it said

"Hi there.

Recently I have become very ill, and despite seeing a number of doctors and specialists, nobody is

able to help me. So my last hope is that I'll find something or somebody on the internet who can

help. It's a long story, so I hope you can bear with me...here goes...

About 3 years ago, I started taking a megadose of Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) to cure my acne. And

cure my acne it did, wonderfully. I took 10 grams a day in time-release form (4 doses of 2.5g

daily), with no other b-vitamins - for 2 years solid. Amazingly, I experienced no side effects for 2

years. But suddenly friends started to notice that my hair was a lot lighter. It was brittle and

fine, and falling out more than usual. So I switched to non-timed release, and occasionally added a

low-dose Multi-B vitamin to stave off any possible deficiencies caused by a b vitamin imbalance.

This didn't help though, and I soon developed a strong tingling/buzzing sensation in my left foot,

with constant tiny muscle twitches in my calves, bloating/stomach discomfort after lunch, intense

restless legs at night, and some fatigue.

Foolishly, I persisted with the B5 because I was hypnotised by the effect on my skin. But things

turned from bad to worse - I developed a sore and swollen tongue, with mouth ulcers and tooth

impressions down the sides. I had intermittent diarrhea, a rash of dermatitis round my nose, and

occasional panic attacks. On top of this, the acne was starting to come back. So I dropped my B5 to

5 grams a day, not wishing to bring on a rebound deficiency by stopping suddenly, and took 2 high

dose multi-b vitamins a day (not at the same time as the

B5). Sometimes I would take 2 b100 multi-b tablets, 2 b50s, and have 2 glasses of berocca a day, all

in an attempt to redress my deficiency without having to give up the B5 altogether.

Well, I improved, and each time I dropped the B5 some more, I got better for a few days - especially

the nagging fatigue and low energy I had developed. But it would always gradually return, until I

dropped it by another gram or two. This cycle continued until about 2 and a half months ago, when I

finally stopped the B5 altogether after gradually reducing it. All the while, I carried on taking 2

high-dose multi-b vitamins a day (by high dose I mean 100mgs of each one).

For 2 weeks I felt brilliant, totally cured and happy. But then, over the next 2 months, I noticed

that I would tire more easily again, and by midweek would practically collapse of exhaustion in the

evening. Sleep would help me recover initially, but soon my sleep became disturbed with vivid dreams

and early morning waking. Now I'm down to one b50 a day (medium dose multi-b), but the tiredness

lasts all day and becomes extreme sometimes, feeling like dizziness and nausea. When I stopped all b

vitamins for 2 weeks, including multis, I felt no better, possibly even worse. My brain fatigue is

worse at weekends, I feel very spaced out and am never able to lie-in properly. I feel drained and

ill, edgy and often breathless and weak. For the last few months I have also had a bright orange

coating on my tongue, which can be brushed off, and is not related to what I eat. The acne hs

completely returned.

A trip to the dr failed to help - blood tests a month ago revealed no abnormalities with liver,

kidneys, thyroid, b12 or folate status, bone profile, or red blood count - my only abnormality is

low white blood cell count (about 3000/µL), but the dr dismisses this and says I have chronic

fatigue syndrome. Folate was very high, so I stopped all vitamins for 2 weeks and repeated the test

- again, B12 and folate were totally normal."

http://www.cyclingforums.com/t47099.html is the place it was posting if you were wondering...

I am not sure how accurate the information is. Just wanted to let you all know.

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