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Oily / Shiny Skin - A solution?

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I think i may have found a solution to my oily shiny T-Zone; mainly my forehead though.

My skin gets very shiney and i hate it - it almost looks 'polished' at times. I had tried various specific skin lotions but with no luck. then recently I stumbled across a potential answer whilst i was styling my hair with hair wax - the wax itself!!! The wax i was using was a Matt wax by Wella hair products, and it seemed to work. the only thing was when my forehead got sweaty, the wax itself would sort of melt too!

But then in a similar thought i tried something even more strange on my skin, and so far it works. Deoderant!!!!!!!

Yep, that's right, the stuff you put under your arms. What i used was 'mitchum deodorant' which is a very good strong roll on solution, when you use it under your arms it claims it's so good you can skip a day. Well this stuff is strong, and you only need to roll a small amount onto your finger and smear across your forehead or nose. It can sometimes leave a white 'dried' mark if you apply too much, but if it does you can usually rub it off. the stuff is excellent. I usually catch eye of myself in a window refelction and see that my head is shiny, but not any more. the stuff doesn't have a reaction to my skin either, as i guess it's made for skin in the first place, although, perhaps others might find it too strong.

The only down side about it is that it is very drying. So you'll find that when you first apply it, and then lift your eybrows, or force a frown, that it's as though you kind of have a thin face pack on, but this wears off once it settles.

If you've had as much hassle trying to find something 'industrial strength' for oily skin, i forhead/nose this may be the solution.

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Have you heard of Oc 8 ?.

I don't know why this product is not talked about much in this board,it is the best acne product ive used (along with accutane).

Its not a solution for permanently removing oil.Its like a moisturizer which blocks the oil for 8 hours and your face will have no shine.My derm recommended this product and since then i barely had any probs with oil in my skin,nor did i have any breakouts.

I used to wake up in the morning with a face bucket full of oil now its just perfect and normal.I feel like i have normal skin after applying this,and it blocks oil for almost 12 hrs for me.

Many companies are selling this now in their companies name ,it has some oil blocking particles i forgot the name.I can get this product in any pharmacy where i live but im not sure if u can get where you all live.

Just have a look through in google.Rite now i don't even need a regimen all i day is use this 2ice a day without any cleansers etc the feel is amazing.In its not irritating at all ,its just like a simple moisturizer & works immediately.

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hi all.ive suffered with oily,red nose for years.i also use both oc8 and mitchem roll on doederant tho never rolled it on my face.been usin oc8 for a few years now and its really the only thing that has pretty much worked for me to get rid of the oil.only really lasts bout 5 hours wi me tho.was just wonderin if anyone else has found a better oil control product that lasts longer than oc8 or if anyone else has used the mitchem on their face and worked for them?

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NNNOOO! Using deodorant on your face can't be good. It makes me shudder to think of it. A lot of different companies make products (colourless oil-absorbing lotions) that you can put on your skin to stop shine that have been thoroughly tested not to clog pores. I use one by Clinique, bonne bel makes one and I think Clean and Clear has one. If you don't want to buy "makeup" (it's not makeup, it's just sold with the make-up) as your mom / friend to buy it for you. Much better than deodorant!

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