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So i've been putting hydrogen peroxide on my pimples and it works pretty good..it stings but right away inflamation goe's down..and after the stingy goe's away, the painful zits don't hurt anymore. I can usually clear up a period breakout(pesky time of the month..grrr) in like 2 days. thank god for this stuff :surprised:

has anyone else tried it?

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Murad's Acne Complex uses hydrogen peroxide; however, it made my acne worse.

According to Paula Begoun of cosmeticcop.com:

There is a great deal of current research showing that hydrogen peroxide is problematic as a topical disinfectant because it can greatly reduce the production of healthy new skin cells (Source: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, September 2001, pages 675–687). Hydrogen peroxide is also a significant oxidizing agent, meaning that it generates free-radical damage. While it can function as a disinfectant, the cumulative problems that can stem from impacting the skin with a substance that is known to generate free-radical damage, impair the skin's healing process, cause cellular destruction, and reduce optimal cell functioning are serious enough so that it is better to avoid its use (Sources: Carcinogenesis, March 2002, pages 469–475; and Anticancer Research, July-August 2001, pages 2719–2724). See free-radical damage.

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