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My journey with Accutane 60 mg, wherever it may take me...

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I am copying these from the regular blog gallery... I am very open to any questions and/or comments that anyone may have. Thanks for reading and listening to me whine and complain! :D

Ready or not, here I go!

FIRST PILL: (Thursday August 16, 2007)

Here I am. I'm doing this. Far, far too long I have waited. In less than two months I will be turning 35 and I have been wanting (needing) to do this for about 7-8 years. I waited until after we had our first child (um, yeah-he just turned 6). Then I got chicken to go on Accutane before we had another. The thought of having this serious drug in my system freaked me out. I know they *say* it's ok after six months but really, what if it suck around and caused problems with our next baby... So, I waited until we were all done having kids. Well, like I said, here I am.

Today I went to my Dermatologist to get my prescription. I had done all of my blood work last week. Although I am ready to finally do this and after delaying this for two extra months because of nerves, I am still quite nervous. I got my 'script and headed over to the pharmacy. Now that I have that piece of paper in my hands, I am dying to start! I am so damn lucky that we have fantastic insurance. My prescriptions cost me just $10.00. The paperwork said that my insurance saved me $605.99. So this would have cost $615.99 EACH MONTH??? HOLY $HIT! Luckily, I still could have done it if I really wanted to but man that is a nice trip to the mall every month! :D

Sorry, on with the story-I will take my first pill tonight with dinner and we will see how this starts... Oh and a side note, my face looks pretty darn good today. My back however looks horrible and is pretty sore. I know that I would be considered pretty damn lucky by many acne sufferers'. Although it does get bad for me, I am actually one of lucky ones.

We shall see...

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Now this isn't so bad...

DAY 1:

Today my skin was feeling kinda tingly. Not really itching but sort of and my head was kinda itchy too. Plus my eyes were dry and I had to take out my contacts. Of course my skin looks quite good, just two tiny things that nobody would ever pay any mind to. Just me of course!

I also had to use quite a bit of chapstick today. Pretty crazy for only having 2 pills in me...

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I can totally handle this...

DAY 2:

Woke up and have a sore bump on my forehead, It's practically right in the dead center. Looks like Hubby posted a bullseye on me while I slept. :think: BUMMER. Skin is looking a bit dry but not nasty or scaly, just a bit dry. Nothing a good moisturizer can't handle. Oh and my nose (inside) is dry and itchy feeling. My POOR lips! Nothing visible but man are they stinging and chapped, I had to get up after I had already gone to bed last night and get my chapstick. I won't be forgetting that one again! My back honestly seems to look a smidge better. Dare I hope that I will be one of lucky ones that will get to go without the dreaded IB? I dare to dream!

Oh, on a side note. Forget about chapstick, Aquaphor all the way! :D

This is going to take forever...

DAY 3:

Woke up and my lips were great, I have been using the Aquaphor like crazy. Face is a smidge dry. Looks flaky in places where nothing was before... My joints were a bit sore today but nothing that I can't handle. Plus, I had to use eye drops twice. I was wearing my contacts, so what do I expect? The large friend that I developed on my forehead yesterday seems to be going away much quicker that anything that size ever would have before. My nose looks a little pink, like I got too much sun or something.

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Plumbing problems...

DAY 4:

hmmm. Woke up and my skin is dryer and my nose is feeling like I haven't blown it in months, like it's stuffed with Rice Crispies... Lips are still great (thanks Aquaphor!) I have also been applying lotion like crazy! I really don't want the rest of my body to get dry. Also, when I woke up yesterday, I had had this bump under the skin on my shoulder it wasn't red-no one would even know it was there. Anyways... This morning, it was red and all of the skin had peeled back off of it! Oh, it is completely flat too!! No new *friends* today, so that's always a plus! Crazy stuff I say, crazy stuff. :D

I had some, shall we say *plumbing* issues today. :redface: I don't know if it's from the Accutane or the two Krispy Kreme doughnuts that I ate! I haven't had a donut in years and I had two of them!! This better not be a continual problem.

By late afternoon today, my whole face was quite dry. I am going to have to use a heavier lotion than the Cetaphil tonight. It will be quite interesting to see how it looks after I wash it tonight.

I wonder if anyone will read this. Doesn't matter either way, I want to keep this journey alive so I can keep reminding myself just why I am doing this.

My nose! My nose!

DAY 5:

Well, after having a uber crappy night sleep. I am still feeling really good today. Two very small little friends on my chin came up this morning. But, the bullseye on my forehead is basically gone!!! :shock: I just woke up with this thing the size of Maine on Saturday morning!!! This shit, I love it I tell ya.

After my shower this morning, and using Cetaphil moisturizer I realized that Cetaphil just is not cutting it. My face was so dry! My derm had given me a bunch of samples of CeraVe lotion that she said I would probably need at night and I used that. After using the CeraVe, my face feels pretty good.

Then we have the nose issue... My poor, poor nose. Right at the nostrils. Feels like when you get a horrible cold and your nose gets all raw. Even the inside, just barely right inside the nostril was peeling!! :doh: Of course it was itchy too. And it looked like I had boogies trying to escape. If you haven't already noticed by previous entries, I have issues with nasty noses. Keep 'em clean kids, here's a tissue... Sorry, I digress. So, I pull out my tweezers that are surgical masters and peeled those little skins right outta there.

I drank a bit more water today than I have been. It's easier when you toss a slice of lime in it. Oh, and my plumbing problems that I had yesterday-all gone. :clap: I had a gnarly stomach ache too so I think it must have been something else.

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Just another day in paradise...

DAY 6:

Not much to say today, I am tired and crabby but crabby because I am tired. Crappy night last night, I was up on and off half of the night with my little guy being sick. Oh the joys of Hubby being out of town on business, I get to suffer alone. j/k I adore being a Mom, the ups, the downs and the bad nights...

On with skin updates. :D That big ass thing on my forehead really is basically gone. The boys and I never left the house today so I never put makeup on but I am pretty sure that it would be invisible with a little makeup. I had discovered that the Cetaphil wasn't meeting my needs so I am just sticking with the CeraVe and that really seems to be doing the trick. Very little skin dryness.

The dang nose however is still killing me! :wall: I am going to have to put a bit of Aquaphor in there tonight and see if that helps.

New stuff-I woke up with one little thing on the underside of my chin, I dealt with that and it's pretty much dried up. I do however have two lumps on my back, just on the other side of my right shoulder. We will see how those are taken care of by the samurai pills... :D

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Still going well...

DAY 7:

Here I sit at the end of my day, still quite pleased with how this is working out. Don't know if my upbeat attitude is helping at all but damn if I won't keep it going.

Woke up this am with a couple of nothings on my chin. I'm sure they will be gone in a day or two. Everything is still really dry so I am using the CeraVe morning and night now. For those of you who were worried about my crusty nose, never fear, Aquafor is here! :D Yeah, I lubed up my nose last night and that did the trick. :clap:

I made sure to drink more today and that really seems to help. If I start to get even a smidge of a headache, it makes me realize that I need some water.

Nothing exciting at all to say, sorry I have no clever in me today...

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ACK! I'm flaking like an Alien...

DAY 9:

No update yesterday kids, Hubby came home for two days from his business trip! ;)

Here's the deal. Face is looking pretty damn good. Everything that pops up (pun intended) is gone in a day or so, but not much is coming up. The overall texture is much smoother. Seems like the stuff that made it kinda bumpy is smoothing out. Good stuff happening! :dance: My back is clearing soooo well. My face is still dry but using only the CeraVe is working out great. My lips are doing fantastic but only because I am using the Aquaphor.

I do wish that Aquaphor made their stuff in more of a lip tube, and maybe some great gloss colors... Putting a gloss over the top seems to be doing well to substitute a lipstick or lip gloss only. Make-up has been a bit tricky, I have to be careful that I don't rub anywhere to hard or the peelies start to appear! :D

The problem of the moment seems to be my scalp. It has been a bit itchy the last few days but no flaking/peeling issues at all. NOT ANYMORE!! Have you ever gotten a sunburn on your scalp? Well having fine hair and fair skin (red head), I have had a few in my day. This my friends, is ten phucking times worse!!! I feel like that girl from the movie Breakfast Club who during their Saturday detention, she was drawing a picture and used her head to put "snow" on the picture. CAN WE SAY EEEEWWWWW! The problem here is that I admittedly am a vain person and I do not want flakes!!! Let's see what on earth I can find to take care of this problem since I don't think rubbing lotion on my scalp is an option... :think:

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