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Mr Pink

Laser for scars

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Hi, I am considering havin laser treatment to smooth out my skin. Its not too bad but its uneven in texture and has a few ice picks and rolling scars. Im wondering if its worth the hassle and whether it might end up making my skin worse?

These are the lasers available at my local NHS hospital, are any of them any good for my type of scars? :think:

Pulsed Dye,




long pulsed Alexandrite

I'd appreciate any advise from people who have had laser surgery

Cheers :)

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hey mr pink,

i had laser resurfacing done in 2005. i think it was co2, and it was full face (they can't do the neck though, cuz it's too risky). i dont think i have ice picks. but i have tons of rolling scars (pits). i have about 5-10 deep ones, but most of them are shallow.

they told me to expect 70% improvement, so i was like HELL YA SIGN ME UP! i paid $6,000.00 for it. i probably really got about 10 % improvement. not even the most shallow scar disappeared. and if you looked at my skin today, you'd never think i had laser done. cuz i still have rolling scars all over.

sorry it's not great news from me, but that is my experience. everyone's different though. my skin kinda doesn't budge. maybe someone has good stories for you...

oh ya, i also had 5 sessions of smoothbeam (i think that's pulsed dye). those have no downtime, and they're WAY cheaper (i paid less than $2,000 for all of them together...as opposed to that laser). i'd say that these produced similar, maybe better, results than laser. maybe 20%. that was about a year ago. but again, if you looked at me today, you'd never think i had all that done.

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I'm just about finishing my course of microdermabrasion, peels and laser zappy thingy!

There is still scarring but is less noticible for me which has given me more confidence than ever.

I was already aware after reading up on scars that they will never completley go away. I was prepared for this and any improvement was an improvement nonetheless.

I paid £500.00 for a course of 5 mda's and 5 peels with the laser treatment an extra £75.00 every 3 weeks.

As far as I'm concerned it was the best £500.00 ever spent (I dont even mind being in debt because of it).

It's what your expectations are at the end of the day, don't set yourself up for a fall.

Best of British.

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I dont expect it to get rid off ice picks really, but any improvement is better than nothing i suppose.

The only thing that im a bit concerned about is when i read reports of people gettin laser treatment and it making there skin worse, either by making it hyperpigmented or by causing more scarring :wacko:

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Lasers dont really make the scars worse, but they do burn a couple of layers off the skin, and thin it out a fair bit, depends on how deep the scars are really, they do however improve overall skin tone and smooth out the skin, but its a fairly grotesque down time, at least with co2 laser, im not really familiar with fraxel and some of the newer lasers, personally overall i thought my treatment was so so, looked great for the first few weeks, then most of the scars re appeared. ive had a lot better results with saline and tca cross.

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