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Is milk really bad for you?

I drink a cup every morning with my breakfast and have done this since forever. Not sure I wanted to try getting off milk. I mean it's been ingrained into society that milk is good for you. I guess it'll be worth it if it gets rid of the acne.

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The only way to know is to try it. Stay off of it for a month strictly to see what happens. :)

I tried it, and I won't be going back. Plus vanilla rice milk tastes way too good to go back to milk :dance:

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I'm pretty sure it's what makes me break out in cysts. I went months without it and had almost clear skin, and within days of drinking skim milk, I had four cysts.

Everyone's different, though, I think.

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From a neutral stand point:

Cow's produce milk only after having a calf. Not before, and not forever. It is definitely meant for calves. Cows milk has a nutrition content perfectly fitted for calves, not humans.

Human breast milk, on the other hand, is perfect for humans. I would suggest drinking that more than cow's milk.

There are also rice milk alternatives. Almond milk alternatives. Coconut alternatives.

Also, according to the Physician's Committee For Responsible Medicine, cows milk IS very high in sulfur containing amino acids... and the acid washes away your calcium right out of the bones in the same proportion that you drink the milk.

I'm not sure what vitamins you are trying to obtain from milk. Eggs would be a better substiute. If you are trying to get calcium, thats actually an advertement by the dairy industry which the American Medical Asc. is trying to stop since it is misleading.

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