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Holiday Disaster...come step into my nightmare!

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This is one weekend that I wish I brought along my acne treatments.

I left on Sunday Morning with the folks, travelling 600 miles or so to go to my gran's 90th Birthday.

I noticed a feint bit of darkness next to my nose before I left. I didn't take much notice and I applied my moisturizer as usual. By that night I still looked ok despite eating salty pub roast beef and a huge amount of lemon poppy seed cake and ice cream.

The next morning, Monday, I woke up a bit stressed after sleeping with my snoring uncle. The darkness next to my nose was a bit more noticeable and the beginning signs of some swelling were evident, but still nothing major to worry about.

By the afternoon, after spending a day at the mall, I started to see the swelling emerge and the darkness getting darker. That night we went out and had Chinese. What a mistake. I felt the salty greasy food circulating around my face triggering excess sebum and causing irritation.

By 11.00pm I had to go with my brothers to a pub and watch them knock back 4-5. I even chipped in while taking in the odd breath of cigarette smoke. When I got back to the place where we were staying, WTF! The swelling next to my nose had worsened and it was purple. I went to bed that night thinking why me! my Gran's birthday is on tomorrow and I have a big cyst coming out. What are my relations going to say. Hopefully if I sleep well it will reduce a bit overnight.

I slept soundly but I woke up at 9.00am Tuesday Morning and all hell had broken loose. The breakout next to my nose was shocking. It wasn’t actually a lump forming a cyst; it was a huge swollen mound, which was purple. It looked as though I had been in an accident and my face had become badly swollen.

Well to cut a long story short I had to endure a long hot day, 95 Fahrenheit or so. I tried to be as friendly as I could but deep down I felt sulky and depressed. My mother later commented that I looked pale and sullen -good description mum. The sad part is I am 27 and I felt like a little boy of 15. I felt small and worthless. My mum’s cousins would ask me “So what do you do with yourself Will?� I felt like answering - Hmmm I try and live my life but it’s pretty fricken hard when you have cystic acneform mounds growing on your face!

The good thing was that Tuesday night after I was driving at 115m/hr to get to the airport, I got a plane back with two of my brothers (Who have never suffered from acne). Everyone on the plane was youngish and they were giving out free beer and spirits. I had to watch my brothers knock back another 2-3 cans as I sat moody while every one around me was having a good time, but I was relieved to be going home so I could treat this damn cyst.

After 4 or so days my cystic swelling had finally subdued to an acceptable level. I was lucky that it wasn’t a hard circular lesion but just swelling from below the skin. Sometimes they can be the easiest to treat.

The lesson that I learnt – always bring your acne medications even if it is only a small trip.

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i would of had the piss cos it would stop you stressing over it which probley worsened the situation. as i read your story i couldnt help but laugh at it. i think you got that zit because you were worryed about seeing your family or something that always happens.

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