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Ok I have already posted a big long message asking for help, on what to do about my face but this is the most serious question of all.

I love tennis so much.I have played for every school team since 7th grade, but this year since my face is looking worse than last year Im actually contemplating about not playing this year.I mean last year I dont think I had acne at all if any, but this year it's getting a little worse.

I mean I have to wear makeup every day, and if I have tennis practice, and tennis matches every day, I would die because everyone could tell Im wearing makeup.

Plus I usually have at least one whitehead at the end of the schoolday.

Can anyone please help me with this serious issue.

Thank you.

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Yeah, don't let it beat you and kill off what you like doing, if you let it etch away at your life then soon you'll be avoiding people, not looking at them, not going out etc. that's no kinda of life with or without acne.

Do your tennis, don't wear makeup if your worried about people knowing. and trust me, once it graps you into it's downward spiral it's VERY hard to break the cycle.

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I agree with the other guys, do the tennis. Is there perhaps a spot concealer you could use and then set it with a colorless powder to make it water/sweat proof?

You might find some info at the birthmark site http://www.birthmarks.com/makeup.cfm There are men on this board who use camo makeup to cover facial discolorations, so there might be some ideas that could help. Good Luck and Live Your Life!!!

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It is amazing what acne sufferers do to themselves...start checking out of all the things that make you a real three-dimensional person...they stop playing sport, stop seeing friends, they don't go out...in short they stop participating. You gain nothing from this kind of sacrafice. I know acne is embarassing and people can stare and shit. It is living your life that provides you with reasons to feel good about yourself....you can be a good tennis player, good team member, good friend etc etc

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I'm not sure whether you're male or female, Brett but I can relate to what you're going through in terms of the sweating that comes with sports and then having to worry about makeup as well.

Martina Hingis had acne when she played at Wimbledon (she was still a lovely looking girl with it btw). Can you imagine her missing out on what she's achieved if she'd let acne put her off? Anna Kournikova's also had bad acne but that doesn't seem to detract from the number of admirers she has.

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hey brett i am like you...wel sortof...

i too play tennis and obviously have acne. i love it too...tennis and weight training are two things i do as a release. playing on the team is demanding, and im not sure what effect it has on the skin....but, you said it yourself: u love it. be true to that and dont give it up biggrin.gif my season is soon to start too so gl if you decide to play! most of all havefun biggrin.gif/

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don't worry about it Brett - it is because you used the words "make-up"...people think I am a guy all the time. Now go and play some tennis! biggrin.gif/

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