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Flax seed oil . . .

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I was taking 6g flax seed oil, in pill form, per day. I figured it wasn't doing much, so I stopped. Within a few days-to-a-week, I started breaking out more--mostly pustules, white heads, and black heads; no cysts, thank god--I figured it was a coincidence and was just bummed about the back-slide in my treatment.

It was staying sucky and actually escalating in severity a bit, so I figured what the hell, and went back on the flax seed oil, and I've started to clear in only a day. I'm hoping it's the flax seed oil, because that's one component of the acne equation I'll definitely have control over then. I'm thinking of going up to 8g, too, if it doesn't bug my stomach.

My constant skin allergies, sensitivity, and irritation have seemed to ease up, too. I cleaned dusty things today and don't have a single hive, red blotch, or rash to show for it. :) My semi-permanent red (and itchy and hot, depending on the circumstances) blotches seem more subdued today, too. My eyes are still kinda pissed, though . . .

Don't worry. I'll come back and inform you guys if this was just a nice coincidence, and I break out like all hell in the near future.

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I figured I did/do with eating the typical American diet.

Well, not quite typical:

I'm not fond of traditional fast food, nor huge amounts of fats or sugars.

And I am quite fond of spring green mixes, some other vegetables, and most fruits. Not huge on the meat, but not quite a vegetarian. Most protein is from plant proteins or dairy, some chicken.

~2.5L/day of some combo of water, skim milk, decaf green tea, chamomile tea, and peppermint tea.

Without any fish, flax, or vegetarian-fed chicken eggs, none of this helps much with the Omega-3, though.

Dunno why I just listed my diet, but oh well. If anyone has any comments on it--besides the inclusion of dairy; I'm already aware of the possible caveats--feel free.

I'm sensitive to any egg (allergy?), any fish, greater than low-moderate amounts of milk, and more than minimal amounts of meat.

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I thought I'd be an ass and bump this thread soley for the purpose of being honest.

Edited to remove rant.

A more plausible explanation for my breakout:

Lithium blood levels vary in direct opposition to sodium blood levels.

I was eating dorm food (high sodium!) before I came to this hell hole, aka home, where I consume very, very little sodium, especially since I avoid leaving my room long enough to get to the refrigerator on the other side of the house. Both of my parents also have high blood pressure, so they are on low-sodium diets. Hence, my lithium levels, most likely, shot up. I broke out about 5 weeks into my new low-sodium diet, which sounds like a good time table for a low sodium level to up my lithium level high enough to intensify the acne side-effect enough to bust through my acne meds and for the resulting acne to ripen into fruition.

I italicised "high" because the effective and basically safe range for lithium blood levels is 0.6-1.2. (I forget the units.) I was at 1 before I got here. I'm thinking I'm above 1.2 now. Acne and, possibly, increased tremor are my only worsening side-effects, no seizures or coma or anything, so I'll take a wild guess I haven't reached my body's own specific, customized toxic level yet.

I'm getting my level actually taken on the 17th, so I'll know for certain then. Don't worry; I won't be more of an asshole and bump this thread again.

I ate canned soup a bit when I first got here and I just started eating it again a few days ago. There's a lot of sodium there. It probably dropped my lithium levels enough to stabilize the acne. (It doesn't seem to really be getting better, but it's not worsening like it was pre-soup.)

Edited to remove rant.

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i've always wondered how much i can cut sodium out of my diet by only eating whole foods (raw or cooked) and not adding salt to anything) without affecting myself internally adversely

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I think you can go pretty low . . . Electrolyte issues are kinda scary, though . . .

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