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accutane, cha cha cha

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Okay, here we go...after the 30 day wait, I just popped my first pill about 45 min. ago with dinner. :dance:

The people at the pharmacy were really nice, there were no problems w/ipledge, and I got 30 days' worth of 40 mg. Sotret pills. There are little pregnant ladies inside circles w/lines through them all over the packet, it's crazy-- WE GET THE POINT. As of now, I'm on 40 mg/day for 6.5 months. I'm 50 kg so I could have gone 4.5 months at 60 mg/day, but I wanted to avoid nasty side effects as much as possible.

My product list:

Purpose face wash

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunblock SPF 55

Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm SPF 15

Cetaphil cream

Aquaphor for overnight

Liter Nalgene container, so I can hydrate everywhere I go

I've been reading other accutane logs and I'm excited to start my own. Just as soon as I figure out why my camera is eating pictures, I'll post b/c my acne looks horrendous right now. Of course I just picked the CRAP out of my face as some sort of sick farewell to acne.

Update at 11!

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Day 2-- OW. FUCKING OUCH. Every cyst on my face feels like it is going to explode if I even think about touching it. I don't know why I think I'm unique and picking my face won't affect me, but tonight I was babysitting and talking on the phone, and I felt how full one of the pimples was. It hurt so bad and I thought maybe it would be better to relieve the pressure so I popped it. It was pretty satisfying, but the skin filled with blood where my fingers pressed! I learned my lesson. I CANNOT SQUEEZE.

The skin on my body feels like I'm getting over a sunburn, scratchy and a little dry. Weirdly (although I'm not complaining), it is softer to the touch. I had some skin peeling on my foot and it seemed minor but now it looks as if it's going to take a while to heal.

I feel kind of lame writing this in a log but maybe one day I'll want to look back on it, and maybe it will help someone else like other people's logs have helped me.

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