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27/m here.

I'm a pretty heavy drinker. I drink beer almost every day, usually around a 6 pack or more per day. On weekends, maybe a 12 pack per day. I go to a lot of social events where drinking is the norm. While I know this drinking is not good for me, I am more looking for a relation between beer and skin tone/health.

I'm Irish (which explains the drinking haha). Also, because I'm Irish my skin flushes very easily. It has a bumpy red/pink look. Sometimes too oily, sometimes too dry. In certain lighting (florescent/bright lighting) it looks terrible. I went on two bouts of accutane. This cleared me up both times, but only temporarily each time.

I remember reading somewhere that heavy drinking destroys the blood vessels in the face, which is why my skin tone looks red/pink and bumpy. I don't feel I have acne, just bad skin tone. I aslo read these blood vessels will heal over time and the skin will begin to heal itself.

So, I did a test. I didn't drink for 5 weeks, hoping I would see an improvement in my skin. I didn't see any improvement in my skin tone, although I did lose weight and have more energy once I cut beer out of my life. Maybe the blood vessels need longer than 5 weeks to heal?

Does anyone know anything more about this, or can anyone link me to relevant articles related to this? Beer is very high in sugars and yeast which can't be good for the skin, but I am on a mission to figure this out.

Another interesting thing to note is that after 4 or 5 beers, my skin seems to temporarily clear for a few hours. This isn't "beer goggles".. haha. I've gotten opinions from some of my sober friends, and they agree that my skin does seem to temporarily clear after a handful of drinks. Odd.

All thoughts, comments, and links are appreciated. :)

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Alcohol can increase facial flushing, which from what I understand. And I don't know if it's related, but perhaps it can relate to broken capillaries? I am really not 100% sure :( Sorry man. Without drinking, do you get red at all? Perhaps it may be rosacea? Or maybe there is a tie between alcohol and rosacea? Maybe google that to see.

I found one thing


The Link Between Rosacea and Alcohol

Booze Not a Cause but Can Trigger Flare-Ups; Red Wine Tops Problem List

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Here are a couple things you can take a look at. There is disagreement as to whether alcohol is the culprit. This first article mentions a treatment. I do not know what works for them. If you ever do find out what will work please come back, & let us know.


In this article I'm posting the link to below, I strongly suspect the real intent behind it is to demonize alcohol to discourage drinking. While excessive alcohol probably won't help your looks out any (of course not) this article seems extreme & very biased.

If you drink everyday, or binge drink, you should probably find a way to lower alcohol usage. IMHO, moderate use is ok.


The campaign will detail the damage caused by binge-drinking. Alcohol dehydrates the body by blocking the release of the antidiuretic hormone, causing the kidneys to excrete excess body fluid in the form of urine. It also dilates blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, leading to broken capillaries or veins particularly around the nose and cheek area.

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too much drinking will screw up your liver and we all know how important that is for skin health

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for those links. :) I noticed that one article said alcohol doesn't cause broken caps, so that's good news.

Guess I'll have to figure out what's going on with my skin. I don't want to put myself through another accutane regiment. Plus, no derm in their right mind would put me on accutane. I don't have whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. Just a strange pinkish skin tone and broken caps. Right now, I'll just chalk it up to my irish heritage.

Hmm... my mom has the same skin tone as I do, but the older she gets the more her skin calms down. Her derm just told her to use purpose soap, but I can't find it around it here anywhere. My dad has completely clear skin, and my brother got my dad's skin. Neither my dad or my brother have ever had any issues with their skin. Both have perfect complexions. I just got unlucky in the gene pool I guess.

My brother dates models, and here I am, lucky to get a date. Sigh.

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