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Need advice on what I might do for my Acne

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Im 22 years old and I have mild acne on my chin.. It can get really bad and then kind of ok.. But for the most part its bad on my chin... I think I will go ahead and do Microderm at the doctors soon I have been off of retin a micro for about less than a month i went off of it June 20th.. How long do I have to wait to do the Microderm? After that I will start up Torzac cream with DUAC cream... What does everyone think? is this a good idea? Should i start the Torzac cream with duac 1st and then after that do the microderm?? Thank you SO MUCH

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Let me see if I understand this correctly:

1. You used to be on retin a micro (how did it work for you?)

2. You are on nothing now?

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I did retin a micro for 6 months and all it did was make me red and peel and it gave me worse acne i was sick of it! its horrible! I want something WAY stronger i want to peel like CRAZY with no acne! clean up my scars... Right now I am waiting from June 20th -July 12th to get my newest stuff... I will keep you updated... My apt with derm is July 12th... Crossing the fingers!!!

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