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I'm happy its summer. because yess, I tan alot. And thank goodness for it!!

I find it does help my acne become way less severe! Just always wear sunscreen and make sure your face is exfoliated.

Then moisturizeddddd :)

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This is what you can expect:

Sun damaged skin, also known as photoaging, is a biologic process that we all must endure. The appearance of our skin is greatly influenced by genetics, age, and sun exposure. Unfortunately, the majority of sun damage is accumulated before the age of 20. The skin takes 10 to 30 years to manifest the damage of our youth. The damage is initially subtle with added blood vessels and pigmentation changes on the sun-exposed areas. As we age, the changes become more pronounced with the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots and coarse dry areas.

Solar radiation, also known as ultraviolet radiation, consists of wave lengths of A, B, and C. Ultraviolet wavelength C is absorbed by the ozone layer before it reaches the earth’s surface. Wavelengths A and B are abundant and are the major cause of sun damage. Ultraviolet light B (UVB) is blocked by glass such as a car window. Ultraviolet light A (UVA), however, readily passes through glass.

The exact mechanism of sun damage is not completely understood. As a consequence of ultraviolet radiation, tissue-damaging free radicals are generated. These radicals are essentially cellular oxygen molecules that have been “energized†or activated. The result is a cascading effect that can damage millions of cells in a very short time. The effects seen visually are wrinkles, laxity of the skin, textural changes, and discoloration such as age spots. The effects not seen are cellular DNA damage and impairment of the skin’s immune system. These factors are important, as they are influential in the development of skin cancer.

From: Sun Damaged Skin

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