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scars really getting me down

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So I'm getting married in a few months, and I was shopping around for a dress to wear to our engagement photo session. But the florescent lights where very unforgiving today, and I left the mall too depressed to keep searching for a dress after looking at my awful reflection too many times. My skin really is looking bad, its very scarred. I have been very focused on my skin since our engagement, and it is really getting me down. I know I should just focus on the wonderful fact that I have found someone and am getting married! But my stupid skin in making it hard ...

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Cheers, beauty is skindeep and its too deeply ingrained for us to forget about. But my advice would be to just focus on getting the right dress now instead of stalling because of how you may currently look. And then you can put your attention towards your skin, make up or whatever you decide to do for the great night.

I'm sure you'll look stellar either way, and i know the lucky guys gonna melt

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Hello kat!

I had scars in my wedding pictures (at least the ones that were relatively close up). I have several ice pick scars on either cheek and also rolling scars on the right cheek. Some of the ice pick scars are very deep.

I did, however, have clear skin otherwise. I got really lucky and my skin cooperated as it liked the regimen I put it on in preparation for my wedding.

From what I understand, you have clear skin. You have scars. Well, makeup will help a lot in making you feel more beautiful. The scars...no one will notice them. They will notice the beautiful, radiant bride in her lovely gown, the lovely hair, the shoes, your smile, the way your new husband watches you.

Remember, fluorescent lighting isn't NATURAL. It magnifies faults. Particularly overhead fluorescent lighting, it causes shadows that make the scars look worse than they REALLY are! I bet that no one sees your scars unless they get within one to two feet of you.

If I look at myself in the mirror from a good distance, I can barely see the scars. If I have a photo taken of me from a decent distance (four-five feet), the scars don't show. Now if I step close to the mirror those scars are obvious. Even my drivers' licence photo doesn't show the scars very well because the lighting is frontal and extremely bright (you feel like you're getting a mug shot, not a drivers license photo).

So...take heart that you will be a beautiful and radiant bride. Your fiance chose YOU. He thinks you are lovely. I bet you are, and WILL be breathtaking on that day.

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