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I mentioned to a few friends recently about my skin problems and one of them raved about products from Origins - saying that they helped her clear up cystic acne she got on her cheeks and have kept her skin good for years. Then another friend mentioned she also liked Origins stuff. So I'm wondering if anyone here has ever tried their products (any of the face washes/tonics/moisturizers) and how they were on their skin? They sound really nice but the essential oil ingredients worry me a bit, I don't want anything to clog up my pores and I've had bad experiences with some things that have too many essential oils and stuff in them.

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I used Origins Matte Scientist moisturizer and the Dr. Weil Plantidote Mega Mushroom face serum (along with the occasional application of the Modern Friction scrub). I don't think they were particularly bad, and theoretically the mushroom serum has anti-inflammatories in it, which (again) theoretically should help with acne redness. Of course, when I stopped using them and started on DKP, things went from eh to excellent, so. I do still get the occasional hankering to use the scrub, because man oh man, it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth it was nearly unbelievable.

So, yeah, I've liked the Origins stuff I've used. The only huge issue I see with trying out Origins stuff is that it can be hellllllllls of pricey. That mushroom serum was, last I checked, $65 for a little bottle. Sure, it lasts a while, but wow.

I will also say that their employees were among the first I've met who will actually tell you the best way to apply their products. Most places, they're just all "here you go", but these guys are all "here's what I do" and you're all "oh, ok, now I get it". Or maybe I just got lucky.

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