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got some questions for people using Paulas BHA

i have been using paulas choice 2% bha for awhile now. almost a month[ it says the exact date in my sig.] well anyway....i have always used 2.5% BP.... people that are using BHA do you also use BP? and how? i started off putting BP over the BHA after 1/2 half or so. and then i stopped using BP at night and it seems like im breaking out. i thought maybe it was a "purge" or whatever, but it just started and you would think the purge would b in the beginning. well anyway. how are you all doin it? are you using BHA at night and morning 2? cuz i have been using it just at night.

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Ive been using it for almost 2 weeks now and I love it. It goes on easy and feels kinda greasy, but absorbs pretty quick. But, it doesn't burn like other topicals do, and it doesn't dry out my skin.

Since Ive had it, my overall complexion has been better and only get some occasion whiteheads that go away very quickly.

My regimen is in my signature. I really don't do anything fancy, and don't use the moisturizer but once a day, sometime not even that.

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I always used BP as well, but I stopped using it when I started with BHA. I've been using BHA for about 3 months now, and it has kept me perfectly clear, with only one or two zits every once in a while.. very rarely. Now I only use BP to spot treat when these random zits come up.

If you think your skin has gotten used to BHA, then you should start using it twice a day. Using it twice a day might give you better results. good luck ^_^

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thanks both of u! i just didnt know if the BP was making me skin worse with tha BHA. maybe i wont put as much BP on..or maybe none at all. hmm idk

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HI Lala06,

well let me begin first by describing my skin type- oily (especially during summer time here in TX where it's scorching hot), minor acne before using the Paula's BHA.

I have Paula Begoun's Bible book and I follow her plan religiously:


Gentle Cleanser- Cetaphil for sensitive skin

BP- Neutrogena 2.5% to kill bacteria

Sunscreen- Neutrogena Dry- Touch SPF 55

Then make up stuff. I do not use moisturizer since my skin is moisturized enough


Cetaphil again (though it is hard to remove makeup so I do wash twice)

Milk of Magnesia - to absorb oil

Neutrogena BP

Paula's BHA

It's great, the BHA, I have it in liquid form so it's so much easier to apply. I have been using it for a month and incredible results and I am not exaggerating or fabricating my story. But do take in mind that all skin are different so this might work for me incredibly while you on the other hand might only have mediocre results.

I do also suggest to read her book or at least go to her website to read learn more about application and other things. Really helpful website.

Good luck buddy

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