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This question is directed toward people who have done a second cycle, or are in the midst of their second cycle.

Background Info: 21 year old male, struggled with accutane all my life since puberty. My first cycle disposed of almost all the acne, its been about 3 months since and my acne has started to come back in cystic form.

Is the IB as bad the second cycle, does your face clear up faster and are the side effects (drying, joint pain etc.) as bad? Finally, how were the results compared to the first cycle? Did they last longer?

Any input greatly appreciated!



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Damn, I was really looking for some feedback. Can anyone please reflect on their experiences with enduring a second cycle. Ultimately, I'm wondering if its worth it?

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no ones willing to help a brother out eh?

i'm on my second cycle. my first was in high school. i was clear for about 5 or so years. it recently inflammed again. so i'm ten days into my second round. no initial breakout this time--it's clearing up already!

* one of my friends took 2 rounds of accutane 6 months apart because the first one didn't work. after the second, he cleared up. it's been years, and his skin is still clear...

no one's the same, but it's worth a try:)

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