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Hydroquinone, does it work?

hey guys.

"Hydroquinone - works by inhibiting the enzyme (tyrosinase) which causes tanning/pigmentation"

I was just wondering if anybody inhere has tried the Hydroquinone solution for fading red marks, and did you have great/bad results??

My question is also, is this regimen appropriate for my red marks? I have numerous small red marks on my left cheek mostly, not quite noticeable though. My goal is to fade them completely, but is bleaching them the right method. Give me your opinios, thank you :angel:

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it does work, but some things to keep in mind, dont apply right after you scratched off a healing scab, it will burn it and make it worse. I wait couple days.

It is a skin bleach and overtime will make your face noticably lighter, so be careful, you dont want to end up looking like a powdered geisha with a white face and a tan body.

I use it time to time when my skin looks very blotchy, there are some altarnatives which arent as harsh like kojic acid.

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HQ doesnt work for RED MARKS. They work for sundamage (brown marks). Trust me Ive tried obagi which is retin-A + HQ for 3 months and it does even out your face but in the long run its not going to take away the red marks.

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