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i see all these methods on how to make an aspirini mask, but i don't have time to sit around and wait for 30 minutes. so does anyone know how to make an aspirin scrub? and in what form of aspirin should i buy it in?

please replyy<33 thanks so much!!!

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*The most important thing for anyone though is to MAKE SURE you can tolerate aspirin/aren't allergic before you even attempt to use it as a treatment. Some people have a sensitivity to aspirin and using it as a mask or toner will cause a reaction for them. I think a majority of people tolerate it in small amounts, just be sure you can*

I don't think an aspirin scrub would be very effective since it's not staying on your skin for any period of time. I think the aspirin mask has to stay on for a little while to give it some time to work, but I only keep it on for 20 minutes max. I think even 10 minutes would be fine. I can definitely understand not having time to sit around with it on, though, and the only reason I don't mind it because I only do it maybe once a week. I've used it as an overnight spot treatment, which is really fast. Just take a single aspirin, run it under water for a second and let it sit in your hand for like 30 seconds. Then it'll pretty much crush just by pressing down on it. add a few drops of something to bind it together like moisturizer, honey, oils(jojoba, camellia, vitamin e, etc.) and then just spot it on pimples and wash it off in the morning.

However, some people actually make an aspirin toner instead, which might work for you. I've been using the aspirin on my skin for a while now and it works great for making skin soft, calming redness, and clearing pores. I haven't done the toner but both are highly rated.

If you go to makeupalley.com and do a product search for "aspirin" there's a ton of reviews on different ways to make each, and people's results. It might take a little trial and error to see what you like best (You have to register for the site but it's a great for finding product reviews.)

The good news is, whatever you use the aspirin for don't go for any more expensive or brand names. Aspirin is aspirin. Just make sure to get UNCOATED. You can get a bottle of several hundred generic uncoated aspirin for very very cheap at almost any drug store or supermarket.

Hope this helped. Good luck, let us know how it goes! :)


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