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Wow I actually shared something with Dad

I asked my dad to take me to the vitamin store so I can get some zinc. Hes like ok you can walk with me since im gonna go by there. than im like Nooo i don't want to walk. Hes like walkings good for you. Than im like....hesitant....I dont want people to see me. Hes like why. Im liek I just don't want to! Hes like is it because of your face? Im like noooo (it actually is) Hes like is it cuz your dark? (wtf?) Im like I just don't. Than hes like okay i'll drive you.

So hes gonna walk down that busy street and he has like a farmers hat on...yeah ane way my dads always known about my face discomfort. one time when I was grumpy in the car he was like" just cuz ur mad about your face doesn't mean you have to grumpy" But im glad I don't have to walk down the street. Wow I feel like a loser :boohoo:

p.s my acne is getting better :)

ok I know that was really pointless but yeah

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Haha. I bring my mom to Walgreen's sometimes and force her to try to come in sometimes when she wants to wait in the car!! I don't want to pay the cashier lol... But my mom is like.. don't worry, your face is fine, blah blah.... but.. really it's not.. and she's a liar. -_-;

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