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Okay now I dont have school no more but i have a job now on days that i dont work i just go to bed whenever sometimes even at 9 in the morning and wake up anywhere from 4-7 now yea its around 7-8 hours of sleep but this cant be healthy is it? how would be going to sleep just a little later but sleeping 7-8 hours still effect me? also whenever i go to work i normaly only get about 3-4 hours of sleep and I move furniture all day so i can see why this could be a problem but i never really thought....never ever ever that this could be the cause i have very very very mild acne....and cant seem why i get breakouts im now on a diet...but whenever i was eating whatever i want i didnt really seem to get that bad of a breakouts....so maybe it is sleep but i dont know...could someone help me with this whole sleep thing!!! thanks for all replies in the meantime im going to search this board for the same question!!

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sleep is the only time your body gets to heal itself

you sleep less your body heals less

you sleep at the wrong times ie. daytime your hormones get screwed up because you are trying to make your body sleep when it wants to be active in the sunlight

i notice when i change bedtime from ~11pm to ~2am i'm more prone to breakouts (even with the same diet) and my skin looks more blemished

unless you have a night shift job go to sleep when you are supposed to, at night

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