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Urgent help please - advice on facewipes / cleansers!

Hi all,

I've left this ridculously late I know, but...

I'm off to Glastonbury in a couple of days, and really want to continue the regiment when I am there. Obviously showering isnt going to be possible, so can anyone recommend a good brand of facewipes or cleanser to use instead??

I've used Clean and Clear cleanser before but have found it a bit harsh. I'm male with only very light acne. Can anyone recommend any cleaner or wipes that they have used successfully with the regimen??

All help will be very gratefully received!!

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Simple cleansing wipes are supposed to be good. They are perfume and fragrance free so no irritants. They also do one for oil control if you have that also. Make sure you moisturise still as they can still be quite drying like most cleansers are.

Have a wicked time at Glastonbury! And good luck doing your regimen there!

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i second what xmiss_behave recomends :)

also, there are some facial wipes that Tesco do under their own brand, they come in a purple/pink package and have the same ingrediants as the simples ones, no alcohol ect

so you can get teh simple ones, but if you would like to save a few quid, try the tesco ones :)

have a nice time at glastonbury :)

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Thanks guys - a double recommendation of the same product is perfect! There's not a Tesco near me (amazingly) so will go with the Simple wipes.

Thanks again! :)

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