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Hi - a few questions!

I am currently under control with ProActiv however have lingering scars and red marks mostly around jawline. Just wondering what results are seen with Glycolic Acid Peels on the red marks? Also what is the risk of breaking out with Glycolic Acid Peels? (the one recommended is a 20AHA + 12PHA solution).

I want to weigh up the risk of breaking out and potentially creating new scars to deal with over the results of the GA peel.

Lastly is there a better alternative. My scars aren't that bad, mostly just red dots-I hear rosehip oil is good. Any thoughts?

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Glycolic acid peels are great for redmarks. I use the one in my sig by Avon, daily. Not only does it help with red marks, it also improves skin tone and texture.

You will want to use a light glycolic product for two weeks prior to doing a stronger strength peel. The light glycolic product will gently exfoliate and even out the stratum corneum layer of skin so that the stronger peel will be more even and consistent across the surface of your face.

The lighter glycolic acid will (in my experience) also help smooth out scars.

All peels carry a risk of breaking out. I had an initial breakout with the daily peel I use, but it wasn't bad at all. The end results were completely worth the few pimples I suffered.

LionQueen has recommended this company’s products:

Platinum Skin Care. They carry glycolic acid, TCA, salicylic acid. They also have exceptionally well written instructions for their peels right on the website. I have not ordered from them, but I think I will someday. Soon. I have friends who want to try a light peel and I said I'd do it for them. :P I've done my own TCA CROSS with pretty good results.

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how light do u mean?

The lightest peels are like the one I use on a daily basis, 10% glycolic acid. 8% is good, too. There are several low AHA products out there available in a drugstore, like the AHA Souffle by Alpha Hydrox I believe. It might be 12%, and it has good reviews.

The best thing to do is prep your skin for two weeks with such a product, then use a 30% glycolic. Use the 30% glycolic several times before even considering bumping up to a higher level.

If it's TCA, start with 12.5% and be careful.

The Platinum Skin Care site also has their peels at a good pH. The peels won't work too fast and will give you a gentler peel yet still be effective. The lower the pH, the more acidic and potentially damaging a peel is. Bah, I have too much fun explaining this stuff. :P Shows me I need to change my career.

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Hey how long do you need to wait after accutane to use these chemical peels??

At least six months to be safe.

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